U.S. claims Russia has ordered final preparations for aggression

Ukraine, Kiev-Russia withdrew its previous pledge on Sunday to pull tens of thousands of troops back from the northern border of Ukraine. Residents of the Ukrainian capital buried the golden dome cathedral to pray for peace.

Russia’s actions extended what it said was a military exercise originally scheduled to end on Sunday, bringing an estimated 30,000 Russian troops to Belarus, adjacent to the north of Ukraine. They are one of at least 150,000 Russian troops currently deployed outside the Ukrainian border, along with tanks, fighters, artillery and other supplies.

The continued deployment of Russian troops in Belarus has raised concerns that it could be used to wipe out Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Kiev is a city of about 3 million people within a three-hour drive.

In Kiev, as usual, in brunch and church worship, on a mild winter Sunday, before U.S. President Joe Biden said it was a Russian attack already decided late last week. I continued to live outward.

Katerina Spanchak, who fled the eastern part of Ukraine when taken over by Russian alliance separatists, was one of the worshipers who flocked to the monastery of St. Michael’s Abbey in the capital to pray for Ukraine’s salvation.

“We all love life, and we are all united by our love for life,” Spanchuck paused to form himself. “We should be grateful for it every day, so I think everything will work.”

“Our joint prayer helps to avoid this ongoing tragedy,” said another worshiper who identified himself only by his name, I.

Biden’s allegations that Putin decided to involve Russian troops in Ukraine on Sunday were based on information that Russian frontline commanders were ordered to begin final preparations for the attack. He said he was. Officials talked about the conditions of anonymity to explain sensitive information.

The United States and many European countries have accused Putin of building the necessary forces to invade Ukraine for several weeks. This is Western democracy trying to get out of Russia’s orbit and is now trying to make an excuse for aggression.

Western nations, if so, are threatening large-scale sanctions. After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky enthusiastically called on the West to do more on Saturday, U.S. officials on Sunday said they would postpone Russia’s planned monetary punishment before any aggression. Defended the decision.

“Once you trigger that deterrence, it no longer exists as a deterrent,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox about the threat of sanctions in Washington.

Russia conducted nuclear training and regular exercises in Belarus on Saturday, and continues naval training off the Black Sea.

The announcement that Russia has overturned its pledge to withdraw troops from Belarus is along the line of contact between Ukrainian soldiers and separatists of the Russian Alliance in eastern Ukraine, a region of concern for Ukraine and the West. It took place after only two days of continuous bombardment. Ignite the collision.

Biden convened a National Security Council at the White House on Russia’s military buildup around Ukraine. White House officials did not release immediate details of their approximately two-hour discussion.

“We are talking about the possibility of war in Europe,” US Vice President Kamala Harris said at a security conference in Munich, Germany, on Sunday, urgently among world leaders on the crisis. Discussions were held. “It’s been over 70 years, and throughout those 70 years … there was peace and security.”

Western officials claimed that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was still pursuing what he had portrayed as his last diplomacy.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has filed a ceasefire on Twitter on Sunday. Russia denied plans to invade, but the Kremlin did not respond to Zelensky’s offer to meet with Russian President Vladimir Puttin on Saturday.

After a call with French President Emmanuel Macron, Putin accused Ukraine — according to observers there, contact lines for “introduction of modern weapons and ammunition” to Ukraine and shelling along NATO. About escalation. The Kremlin statement mentioned the ceasefire only when it passed, not the call for Zelensky’s meeting.

Macron, the leader of European efforts to mediate a peaceful solution with Russia, also spoke separately with Zelensky, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Biden. Macron’s office said both Ukrainian and Russian leaders agreed to work towards a diplomatic solution “in the next few days and weeks.”

U.S. Supreme Diplomat Blinken renewed his offer to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov on Sunday-as a condition, Putin had not invaded Ukraine by then, he said. ..

“Until the last minute, he still has the option to pull back,” Blinken told NBC’s Meet the Press.

The US Embassy in Moscow has issued a recommendation to call greater attention by Americans throughout Russia.

“Make an evacuation plan that does not rely on the support of the US government,” he warned.

Imminent concerns are concentrated in eastern Ukraine, and Ukrainian troops have fought pro-Russian rebels in a conflict that killed about 14,000 people since 2014.

In the eastern part of Ukraine in Lugansk and Donetsk, separatist leaders ordered full military mobilization and sent more civilians to Russia. Russia has issued about 700,000 passports to residents of rebel-controlled areas. The claim that Russian citizens are on the verge of extinction could be used as a justification for military action.

Officials in the separatist region alleged that two civilians were killed when Ukrainian troops launched several bombardments in the past day and failed to assault a village near the Russian border. Ukrainian troops said two soldiers were killed in a separatist shot on Saturday.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said, “When tensions reach their maximum, sparks, unplanned incidents, or small unplanned provocations are irreparable, for example, on the line of contact, as they are today. It could be connected. ” An interview aired on Sunday on Russian national television.

At the forefront, Ukrainian soldiers said they were ordered not to put the fire back. Looking into the distance with a periscope, Zahar Reshshun was chasing the news all day from a trench located near the town of Zorote.

“For now, we don’t react to their fire, because …” the soldier said before the sound of the incoming shells blocked him. “Oh! They’re shooting us now. They’re aiming for a command post.”

People in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, territories controlled by the pro-Russian separatist government in eastern Ukraine, are taken to temporary housing in the Volgograd region at a railway station in Volzhskiy in the Volgograd region of Russia. Sitting in the carriage of the waiting train, on Sunday. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky faces a surge in violence in and around Russia-backed rebel-owned territories and faces disastrous warnings that Russia is planning an invasion. I met President Vladimir Putin and asked for a solution to the crisis.

U.S. claims Russia has ordered final preparations for aggression

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