U.S. Department of Labor recognizes Rose

The US Department of Labor Apprenticeship recognizes Rose State University as an apprentice ambassador.

As an apprentice ambassador, Rose State University supports DOL’s goals of improving the diversity, fairness, inclusiveness, and accessibility of registered apprenticeship programs.

Rose State University is committed to engaging with rural areas, people with disabilities and young people. Rhodes not only hosts training sessions for these people, but also invests in developing earning and learning programs in partnership with local high schools and manufacturers.

If you would like to know more about Rose State University’s recognition as an apprentice ambassador, you can contact Tamara Eylerman. [email protected] Or 419-995-8351. Individuals interested in becoming an apprentice, or employers seeking more information, can contact Abby Miller, an internship and experiential learning coordinator. [email protected] Or 419-995-8218.

U.S. Department of Labor recognizes Rose

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