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Ukraine invasion: hundreds of casualties, Russia attacks capital

In the fog of war, it was unknown how much Ukraine was under Ukrainian control and how many Russian troops were seized.

Kiev, Ukraine — Russian troops shoot in the Ukrainian capital on Friday, explosion Resonating more than ever in the government quarter, Invasion of a democracy It fueled fears of a wider war in Europe and triggered global efforts to stop Russia.

There were reports of hundreds of war casualties, including bombardment of Kiev apartment buildings and the destruction of bridges and schools, raising signs that Russia in Vladimirputin is trying to overthrow the Ukrainian government. .. Redrawing the world map and resurrecting the influence of Moscow’s Cold War era will be his most daring effort to date.

At an emergency meeting, US President Joe Biden and his NATO counterparts agreed to send some of the organization’s response forces to protect member states for the first time. NATO did not say how many troops would be deployed, but added that it would include land, sea and air forces.

In the fog of war, it was unknown how much Ukraine was under Ukrainian control and how many Russian troops were seized. The Kremlin accepted the offer of the Kiev parley, but it appeared to be an effort to squeeze concessions from the embarrassed president of Ukraine, rather than a gesture towards a diplomatic solution.

The United States and other global powers have been slapped Stricter sanctions than ever before In Russia where the aggression echoed World economy and energy supply, Threatened to attack ordinary households further. UN officials said millions could flee Ukraine.Sports league Moved to punish Russia At the global stadium.

The second day of Russia’s invasion, the largest ground war in Europe since World War II, focused on the capital of Ukraine. Associated Press reporter heard the explosion Beginning before dawn, shootings were reported in several areas.

After 8 pm, a big boom was heard near Maidan Nezalezhnosti, a square in the center of Kiev, which became the center of protest and the expulsion of the Kremlin-friendly president in 2014. I didn’t know the cause right away, but I heard a small repetitive blast in the distance.

Russian troops said they were able to occupy a strategic airport on the outskirts of Kiev and quickly build up troops to occupy the capital. It already claimed to have separated the city from the west — the direction taken by many of those who fled the invasion led to a line of cars meandering towards the Polish border.

Russia’s defense ministry has blocked the cities of Smy and Konotop, claiming that the attack claimed dozens of Ukrainian military assets. The statement could not be confirmed independently.

A violent shooting occurred on the bridge across the Dnieper River, which separates eastern and western Kiev, and about 200 Ukrainian troops took a defensive position and evacuated behind armored vehicles and under the bridge. Another important bridge leading to the capital was blown away and smoke rose from it.

Ukrainian officials reported at least 137 deaths on their side, claiming hundreds of Russian deaths. Russian authorities did not disclose the number of victims and could not confirm tolls.

UN officials reported the deaths of 25 civilians, primarily from artillery and airstrikes, with 100,000 believed to have left home, and up to 4 million could escape if the fighting intensified. I presume that there is.

“When a bomb falls on Kiev, it happens not only in Ukraine but also in Europe,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for Western help. “When missiles kill our people, they kill all Europeans.”

His whereabouts were kept secret after telling European leaders on Thursday night’s phone that he was Russia’s biggest target and they might not see him alive again. rice field. His office later released a video of him standing with his senior aide outside Cheong Wa Dae, saying he and other government officials would stay in the capital.

“We are all here to protect the independence of our country,” Zelensky said. “And it will continue to be like this. Glory to our defenders, glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes.”

Zelenskyy added that he and Biden were grateful for the support of the United States, tweeting that they had discussed “strengthening sanctions, concrete defense support, and anti-war coalitions.”

US defense officials said Russia’s amphibious attacks were underway, with thousands of Russian Naval Infantry landing from the Sea of ​​Azov, west of Mariupol. Officials said Ukraine’s air defenses have deteriorated, but are still functioning, and about one-third of Russia’s combat power concentrated around Ukraine is now in the country. Overall, authorities estimated that Russia had launched more than 200 missiles into Ukraine, some attacking residential areas.

A senior US intelligence official, who is directly aware of current intelligence activities, told AP that Russian armor is 50 kilometers (31 miles) both north and west of Kiev.

Zelenskyy offered to negotiate Putin’s key requirements. Ukraine declares itself neutral and abandons his ambition to join NATO. The Kremlin initially said he was ready to send a delegation to Belarus, and then retreated, saying he preferred to meet in Warsaw. Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said Zelensky should have agreed to the talks earlier, suggesting it was too late.

The assault Expected for a few weeks The United States and its Western allies have refused to participate in work as long as Putin. He argued that the West left him no other option by refusing to negotiate Russia’s security demands.

In a window about how Putin, who is increasingly isolated, sees Ukraine and its leadership, he made a strong statement on Friday urging Ukrainian troops to surrender. -The Nazis who were trapped in Kiev and took the entire Ukrainian people hostage. “

The Kremlin equates members of the Ukrainian right-wing group with neo-Nazis, playing Russia’s nostalgia for World War II heroism. Zelensky, a Jew, gets angry and dismisses those claims.

The dictatorial leader has not revealed his final plan for Ukraine.Viklov

On Friday, give a hint, “I want to allow Ukrainians to decide their destiny.” Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia recognized Zelensky as president, but did not say how long Russia’s military operations could last.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians suddenly adapted to the fire and gathered an estimated 150,000 troops nearby after Russian troops began to move from three sides to their country in a telegram-reported aggression for several weeks.

Residents of Kyiv’s apartment woke up to screams, smoke and scattered dust. What the mayor identified as a Russian bombardment tore a part of the building and caused a fire.

“What are you doing? What is this?” Asked resident Yuri Zhyhanov — a question directed to the Russian army. Like countless other Ukrainians, he grabbed what he could do, ran away with his mother, and a car alert rang behind him.

Elsewhere in Kiev, the bodies of dead soldiers lay near the underpass. Inside a brick house in a residential area, smoked pieces of a downed aircraft. I covered the part of the body next to it with black plastic. And people got off the bomb shelter, basement, subway and faced another turbulent day.

“We are all scared and worried. We don’t know what to do then or what will happen in the next few days,” said Lucy Bashaka, 20, one of the workers. rice field.

AP reporters saw signs of serious combat near Ivankiv, about 60 km (40 miles) northwest of Kiev. Russian troops also entered the city of Smee near the Russian border, located on the highway leading from the east to Kiev. Russian missile launchers were found in the eastern suburbs of Kharkov.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Kiev was “probably under siege” because of the belief that US officials were a brave attempt to introduce Putin’s own regime.

Zelensky, whose power grasp has become increasingly weak, has appealed to world leaders for stricter sanctions. Than what was imposed by the Western allies And for defense assistance. Zelensky broke diplomatic relations with Moscow, proclaimed martial law, and ordered full military mobilization lasting 90 days.

The The invasion has begun Early Thursday, missile attacks on cities and military bases, followed by multifaceted ground attacks involving troops from eastern separatist-owned areas. From the southern region of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. And north from Belarus.

After Ukrainian authorities say they have lost control Abolished Chernobyl nuclear power plantRussia said on Friday that it was working with Ukrainians to secure a plant at the scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. There was no support for such cooperation from the Ukrainian side.

Biden Announce new sanctions President Putin said he “chosen this war” and will target Russian banks, oligarchs, state-owned enterprises and the tech sector. He said this measure was designed not to disrupt the global energy market. Russia’s oil and natural gas exports are to Europe.

The European Union has slapped Putin and Viklov’s own asset freeze, in addition to other sanctions. The UK has frozen the assets of all major Russian banks and plans to ban Russian companies and the Kremlin from raising funds in the UK market.

“Now we meet him as what he is, a bloody invader who believes in the conquest of the empire,” Boris Johnson said of Putin.

Ukraine invasion: hundreds of casualties, Russia attacks capital

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