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Ukraine says Russia will take civilians against their will

Ukraine said more than 400,000 were taken against Russia’s will, and the Kremlin said people migrating from Ukraine wanted to go.

Ukraine, Kyiv — Ukraine accused Moscow on Thursday and forced hundreds of thousands of civilians from a shattered Ukrainian city to Russia.

Ukrainian ombudsperson Lyudmyla Denisova reports that 402,000 people, including 84,000 children, have been taken to Russia against their will, where food and water are scarce. rice field.

The Kremlin says that people migrating from Ukraine want to go to Russia. For example, the country’s rebel-dominated eastern regions speak primarily Russian, and many have supported a close relationship with Moscow.

Meanwhile, a month after the invasion, both sides had a great impact on what was a devastating attrition warfare. The Ukrainian Navy said it sank a large landing vessel near the port city of Berdyans’k, which was used to supply armored vehicles to the Russian army. Russia claimed to have occupied the eastern town of Izyum after a fierce battle.

At NATO’s emergency summit in Brussels, Ukrainian President Wolodimir Zelensky begged Western allies through videos of planes, tanks, rockets, air defense systems and other weapons, and his country “our country”. We keep common values. “US President Joe Biden in Europe gave more guarantees for a series of summits Assistance is on the way..

NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg said alliance leaders agreed to send equipment to protect Ukraine from chemical weapons attacks. In the capital, Kyiv and elsewhere, Ukrainian defenders appear to be in a stalemate with Moscow ground forces, fearing that frustrated Russian President Vladimirputin may resort to chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. is doing.

Meanwhile, Kyiv and Moscow gave conflicting explanations about the migration of people to Russia and whether they were willing to migrate.

Russia’s Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev said Wednesday that a total of 384,000 people, including more than 80,000 children in the separatist-dominated Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine, have fled to Russia since the start of Russian military action.

Russian officials said they provided accommodation to evacuees and distributed payments.

However, Donetsk Governor Pablo Kirilenko said, “People have been forcibly moved to the territory of the invading country.” Denisovan said the people taken away by Russian troops included a 92-year-old woman in Mariupol who was forced to go to Taganrog in southern Russia.

Ukrainian officials said Russians would obtain a Ukrainian passport, move it to an eastern “filtering camp” controlled by Ukrainian separatists, and then send it to various distant and economically depressed areas of Russia. Stated.

Among those taken, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has charged 6,000 residents from the devastated port city of Mariupol. According to the ministry, Russian troops have confiscated an additional 15,000 IDs in parts of Mariupol’s control of Russia.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, some could be sent to Sakhalin Island in the Pacific Ocean and are offered work on condition that they stay within two years. The ministry said the Russians intend to “use them as hostages and put more political pressure on Ukraine.”

Kirilenko said Mariupol’s inhabitants had been deprived of information for a long time, and Russians made false claims about Ukraine’s defeat and persuaded them to move to Russia.

“Russian lies can affect those who have been besieged,” he said.

Regarding the Navy attack in Berdyans’k, Ukraine claimed that two more ships were damaged when Orsk sank, a 3,000-ton fuel tank was destroyed, and fire spread to nearby ammunition.

Russia reopened its stock market, signaling that Western sanctions did not give in, but allowed only limited transactions to prevent mass sales. Foreigners are forbidden to sell, traders are forbidden to sell, otherwise the price of bets will go down.

Millions of people in Ukraine went out of the country, and some were pushed to the limit after staying and trying to deal with it.

At the central station in the western city of Lviv, a teenage girl stood at the doorway of a waiting train. A white pet rabbit was shaking her arm. She met her mother and was on her way to Poland or Germany. She was traveling alone, leaving her other family in Dnipro.

“I didn’t want to leave at first,” she said. “Now I’m scared of my life.”

Anna reported from Lviv, Ukraine. Associated Press writer Robert Burns of Washington, Yuras Karmanau of Lviv, and other AP journalists around the world contributed to this report.

Ukraine says Russia will take civilians against their will

Source link Ukraine says Russia will take civilians against their will

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