Understand the concept of the Isosceles triangle

There are different types of shapes and further, these shapes are divided into subparts. One of the famous shapes is a triangle which is further divided into three parts based on their sides i.e. Equilateral, Scalene, and Isosceles triangle. Isosceles triangles are the triangles that have their opposite sides equal. Equilateral triangles have all sides equal and scalene triangles have no side equal. So the formula of calculation of area of isosceles triangle may be different from other two types of triangles.

Isosceles Triangle has two opposite sides equal which mean that it also might be having two opposite angles equal. For example, there is ∆ ABC, which has sides AB, BC, AC. Here side AB is equal to AC and angle B will be equal to angle C. different properties of the Isosceles triangle is given below:

  • In this triangle, two opposite sides are equal, so the unequal side of the triangle will become the base of the triangle.
  • The angles opposite to the two equal sides are always equal.
  • From base to the vertex of the triangle becomes the altitude of the triangle.
  • In the right isosceles triangle, the third angle is 90 °.

To calculate the area of the isosceles triangle, the person needs to know two values i.e. base and height. The formula of the calculation of the area of an isosceles triangle is:

½ × b × h

Here stands for base and stands for the height of the triangle.

The area of an isosceles triangle is defined as the region occupied by it in the two-dimensional space. For example, find the area of an isosceles triangle whose height is 8cm and the base is 6 cm.

Solution: base = 6 cm and height= 8 cm

Area of isosceles triangle is = ½ × b × h

= ½ × 6 cm × 8 cm

= 24 cm2

So the area of the isosceles triangle is 24 cm2.

There are three types of Isosceles triangle i.e. isosceles acute triangle, isosceles right triangle, and isosceles obtuse triangle.

  • Isosceles Acute Triangle: The triangle has legs, base, and height. The angle between the two legs of the triangle is classified as right angle, obtuse and acute angles. If the isosceles triangle has two opposite sides equal and their angles are less than 90° then it becomes an isosceles acute triangle.
  • Isosceles obtuse triangle: If the triangle is having two sides equal then it is an isosceles triangle. If the third unequal angle of this triangle is more than 90°, then this triangle falls in the category of Isosceles obtuse triangle.
  • Isosceles right triangle: If the triangle has two equal sides and these sides act as the perpendicular and base of the triangle. The third side of the triangle will become the Hypotenuse and its angle will be 90°.

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