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Updated MLB COVID Rule: Remove Vaccination Mask

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated players and staff still need to wear a mask, but removing or easily pulling down the mask is not considered a violation.

New York — The latest changes to Major League Baseball’s coronavirus protocol allow all fully vaccinated players and staff to stop wearing masks at dugouts, bullpen and clubhouses.

In addition, fully vaccinated players and staff can dine in restaurants without restrictions and attend sporting events as spectators at venues with government-approved safety protocols, the commissioner office and players. The association said in a memo sent Wednesday night.

Kinexon’s electronic tracing devices and monitor tests have been deprecated, eliminating the need for compliance personnel to travel to the team.

Team buses involving fully vaccinated athletes and staff eliminate social distance and mask requirements, allowing athletes and staff to resume arrival at the clubhouse more than five hours before match time.

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated players and staff must wear masks, but remove or pull down the mask before going in and out of the shower or as directed by medical or training staff. Eating and drinking easily is not considered a violation.

Clubhouse social distance was eliminated in all teams that reached 85% vaccination among Tier 1 individuals such as players, managers, coaches, and training staff. As of last Friday, 22 out of 30 teams accounted for 85% of Tier 1 individuals.

There are no restrictions on individuals on the team to eat together, except that unvaccinated individuals must wear masks when they are not eating or drinking.

Fully vaccinated athletes and staff should resume commercial travel without a PCR intake test when rejoining the team unless they show symptoms of COVID-19 or are known to have been exposed. You can also. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated families can go out with fully vaccinated players and staff. Players and staff have access to the hotel’s pool and fitness centre. However, if the fitness center is open to the public, you will need a mask, and if you are physically far away, you will need it in the pool.

The five-day quarantine was eliminated for free agents and players on the roster of 40 members of the team who had not previously participated in the COVID test program.

The Seattle Mariners said Thursday that 29 of the 30 teams will return to 100% capacity at T-Mobile Park on July 2 to return to full capacity.

Only Texas started this season at 100% after fans were not allowed during the 2020 regular season, which was shortened due to the coronavirus.

Others who announced the transition to full capacity during the season were Atlanta (7 May), Arizona (25 May), Boston (29 May), Kansas City (31 May), Baltimore (June 1st), Cincinnati, Cleveland (June 2nd). .. Philadelphia (4 June), Detroit (8 June), Chicago Cubs and Washington (11 June), Philadelphia (12 June), St. Louis (14 June), Los Angeles Dodgers (16 June) Day). Los Angeles Angels and San Diego (17 June), New York Yankees (18 June), New York Mets (21 June), Chicago White Sox, Houston, Milwaukee, San Francisco (25 June), Colorado (28 June) Sun)), Auckland (June 29), Pittsburgh (July 1), Minnesota and Tampa Bay (July 5).

Only Toronto will not return to normal capacity. The Blue Jays haven’t played in Toronto since 2019 due to the Canadian government’s coronavirus regulations. They played 17-9 at the Triple A affiliate stadium in Buffalo, NY last season, started season 10-11 at the Spring Training Stadium in Dunedin, Florida, and returned to Buffalo this month. They will play home games in Buffalo until at least July 21st.

Updated MLB COVID Rule: Remove Vaccination Mask

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