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US approves mix and match COVID booster shots

Federal regulators COVID-19 Booster Shot This week to provide flexibility to those who are trying to maintain protection coronavirus..

Future announcements by the Food and Drug Administration are likely to come with the approval of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Shot boosters. Third inoculation of Pfizer vaccine For many Americans last month. The move was previewed Tuesday by US health officials familiar with issues that were not allowed to speak publicly prior to the announcement.

The FDA was expected to say that it was still desirable to maintain a consistent vaccine course, especially for Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, which have proven to be most effective against viruses. The agency was still finalizing the guidance for the Single Shot J & J Vaccine.

Allowing mixing and matching alleviates supply problems, makes the task of getting boosters easier for Americans, and allows people who may have adversely affected the initial dose to try different shots. To be able to.

This move matches the mix of vaccines given abroad by the United States, as was common in Canada and some European countries in the early months of vaccination campaigns aimed at entering the United States. It will be done after announcing that it will be accepted.

US approves mix and match COVID booster shots

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