Useful tips for future applicants before admission

During the preparation for admission, applicants receive a lot of advice: from parents, relatives, and school teachers. All of them are useful, but the most interesting recommendations and tips are usually shared by older comrades who went through all this one or two years ago.

Tips for applicants when applying

And whatever parents and teachers say, yesterday’s high school students prefer to listen to the opinions of those who have already tried on student life. So what advice do they have for applicants?

A brief word of advice to students who have entered college

All recommendations of those who successfully passed the admission test and got into the desired university boils down to the following:

Advice before admission

The most important advice you can give to an applicant is to choose “your” specialty. It is not only your favorite subject at school but also your character and temperament.

What specialty to choose

Numerous educational resources offer online career guidance tests to find out which professions are right for you. Take advantage of such a service. The questions and test results will help you sort yourself out and decide on a direction so that you don’t think later who can write my essay online, since the subject doesn’t interest you at all. You can take online tests to get a general understanding of your situation.

How to Pass All Exams

If you are planning to apply to an institution that requires you to take additional tests, it is important:

Tips when applying

If you have chosen as your future profession a specialty that does not require an additional entrance examination, we recommend:

Choosing a university

Choosing a university is always a responsible decision. In order not to make a mistake and not to regret your decision, you need:

The importance of a backup plan 

You shouldn’t expect to fail in admission, but anything can happen in life. You need to be prepared for such a scenario.

Here are a few tips on how not to get screwed:


Finally, some more valuable advice worth listening to:


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