Users can now schedule IG live on Instagram

Instagram is currently introducing a new tool that allows users to schedule IG Live up to 90 days in advance. For those who don’t know, Instagram Live allows users to stream live video to their followers through Instagram stories. Great for building engagement, connecting directly with users, sharing news, and establishing your brand. According to Instagram, viewers will be able to “sign up” for reminders to watch. A Facebook-owned social media platform said in an Instagram post that it believes this feature will help “discover and distribute.” At the beginning of June, TikTok unveiled a set of creator tools, including the ability to schedule TikTok LIVE videos. Platforms owned by ByteDance remain banned in India for security reasons.

To schedule Instagram Live, open the app and swipe from left to right to open the camera. By default, Instagram sets the “story” format, so swipe right to find the live. next,[スケジュール]>[イベントの名前を設定]>[日付と時刻を設定]Choose. The user then needs to share it as a post with an image. Viewers can see prompts that include posts, descriptions, and live links. This feature is useful for many creators as it allows them to promote upcoming events. Scheduled live events allow creators to post countdown stories and more.

Meanwhile, the platform says it is testing the ability of the app to notify users of a direct outage or technical issue a few days after two outages disrupt Facebook and its services. Instagram said in a blog post that the test will be conducted in the United States and will last for several months. On October 4, a six-hour outage prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing social media and messaging services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Instagram has announced plans to integrate IGTV and feed video into one format, Instagram video.Also new to the profile represented by the triangle[ビデオ]The plan to expand the tab was also revealed. This replaces the traditional IGTV box logo. This update is basically a big boost as to how users can view their videos on the platform.

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Users can now schedule IG live on Instagram

Source link Users can now schedule IG live on Instagram

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