USS Cod will return to Cleveland after a restoration in Erie, PA.

Tara was repaired in a dry dock in Erie, Pennsylvania. The $ 1.4 million image change was funded by funds, national park grants, and donations.

Cleveland — Tara is back!

On Wednesday afternoon, the legendary World War II submarine completes its journey back to Cleveland after two months of restoration work in Erie, Pennsylvania.

USS Cod, a lakeside tourist attraction in Cleveland for over 62 years, was sent to Erie’s Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair Co. for 63 days of underwater hull repairs. Tara’s 10 torpedo tubes have been refurbished with ballast tank plating. The Sherwin-Williams Company has donated a new hull coating system to submarines.

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Tara’s $ 1.4 million image change was funded by steadily growing donations, national park grants, and other donations.

Paul Farace, President of USS Cod Submarine Memorial, said: , In the statement. “We also cannot thank Sherwin-Williams Co. for donating world-class marine hull coating products to help Cod take shape for future generations,” he added.

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Cod will resume the tour once a two-ton steel eyebrow is installed on Thursday and the general public can safely board the ship. The return ceremony will take place on Sunday, August 22nd at 1:00 pm at Cod’s dock. The event will feature a ribbon cut and a commendation for donors, followed by a welcome home cake cut (rain or shine).

Tara’s departure to Erie in June indicates that she has sailed for the first time in more than 50 years. The voyage was not without a bit of drama, as there was a clash between Tara and the Coast Guard ship Morro Bay. According to officials, the collision only caused superficial damage to the hull and superstructure of USCGC Morro Bay.

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The USS Cod was launched in 1943, the height of World War II. The submarine is said to have sunk more than 12 enemy ships totaling more than 37,000 tons and damaged an additional 36,000 tons. All seven of her war patrols were considered successful, and Tara was awarded seven service stars.

From 1959, Tara began to serve as a Navy training ship in Cleveland. The submarine was also popular with local school children who visited her on an excursion. Since 1976, Tara has been on public tours and also serves as a monument to more than 3,900 submarines who have died in the 100-year history of the US Navy submarine force.

In 1986, the US Home Office designated Tara as a National Historic Landmark.


USS Cod will return to Cleveland after a restoration in Erie, PA.

Source link USS Cod will return to Cleveland after a restoration in Erie, PA.

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