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Video: Biden Thanksgiving Address |

The President and First Lady Jill Biden announced their greetings on Thursday in a video recorded before traveling to Nantucket, Massachusetts on a holiday weekend.

Nantucket, Massachusetts — Thursday President Joe Biden welcomed the resumption of the holiday tradition in many homes, hoping for a happy and near-normal Thanksgiving for Americans.

In a video greeting recorded with Mrs. Jill Biden at the White House before the trip, the President said, “Thank you for what we have, but also keep in mind those who have lost and those who have lost much. I have. ” To Nantucket, Massachusetts on a holiday weekend.

In Nantucket, Bydens visited the Coast Guard station in Brant Point, virtually met US military personnel around the world, and chatted with station staff. “I am grateful to these people,” the president said when asked to thank him, referring to a member of the Coast Guard standing in front of him on the premises. rice field.

“As Commander-in-Chief, I am especially grateful to our military personnel and their families for their sacrifices to our country,” he said in the video.

The media was not internally allowed to witness his remarks to foreign military personnel. Hopes waved and cheered as Bidens traveled in a convoy to the Coast Guard station.

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From Nantucket, Bydens also called on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to easily collide with NBC’s broadcaster Arloker. Shut out a year ago, about 8,000 participants participated in the parade, and marching bands from all over the country played, so the audience lined up again on the route. Parade employees and volunteers were vaccinated against COVID-19 and had to wear masks.

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Video: Biden Thanksgiving Address |

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