Visatch leading the relentless Raiders to a playoff campaign

Levi Edwards 1. 60 years to create

Visatch took over the Raiders five weeks later in John Gruden’s resignation and did not look back. After becoming the interim head coach (while still resuming his duties as a special team coordinator), Visatchia set a 7-5 record, leading the Raiders to four consecutive victories to secure a playoff berth. .. He was also the first interim head coach to lead the team to the playoffs since Wally Lemm as interim head coach for the Houston Oilers in 1961.

2. Very superstitious

On January 13, 1991, the Los Angeles Raiders faced the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Division Round. In the game, Bengals linebacker Kevin Walker concludes his superstar with a Bo Jackson running back. That tackle is Jackson’s last play in the NFL and suffers from a back injury that ends his career. The Raiders eventually won the game 20-10, but in return they lost one of the best football games they’ve ever seen.

Since its 1990 NFL season, the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t won the playoff game, and some domestic media call it the “Bo Jackson Curse.”

AJ Cole, Daniel Carson and Max Crosby nominated for the Associated Press all-pro team Wildcard match?What they say: Bengals RB Joe Mixon calls Denzel Perryman the “monster” player Maxx Crosby, and Daniel Carson wins the 18th Week AFC Player of the Week Trailer: Settle in the Jungle Score | Wildcards | Raiders vs. Bengals 3. All-pro trio

Raiders will participate in this playoff game with three all-pro selections. Panther AJ Cole was named First Team Allpro with 21 votes, and Kicker Daniel Carson and Defensive End Maxx Crosby were named Second Team Allpro. Denzel Perryman and Trentseeg also won the Allpro team’s votes.

Rookie receiver Ja’Marr Chase was the only all-pro selection for his opponent Bengals and won the honor of the second team.

4. The thrill of tracking: Part 2

Speaking of Ja’Marr Chase, the Raiders’ chances of defeating Bengal depend heavily on limiting sensational newcomers. Bengals is 3-5 this season in a game where Chase posted a receive less than 60 yards.

The Raiders achieved that feat in the 11th week, limiting it to 32 yards with three catches. But when Joe Burrow found Chase, it was in the end zone-it turned out to be a changing play that led Bengal to victory.

5. Clutch Carlson

Daniel Carson broke some Raiders kick records this season, but it’s the NFL record he’s got that casts a shadow.

With his fifth game-winning field goal of the season that sent the Los Angeles Chargers packing, Carlson is at the top of the list of the most game-winning field goals of the season. According to STATS Inc., Carlson is the sixth kicker in league history, knocking down five game-winning field goals in the fourth quarter / extra time of a season.

6. Josh Jacobs: Closer

Of the four consecutive Raiders wins, one of the most productive players was Josh Jacobs.

Running backs were exacerbated later in the season, especially for all injuries that occurred in the running back room. Jacobs’ first 11 games of the year averaged 45 yards of rushyards, while Raiders’ last four consecutive victories averaged 94 rushyards.

“I’m closer. That’s why you brought me here. Let me close,” Jacobs told the team at the Season Finale vs. Chargers.

The Bengals have defended the Top 5 Rush Defense this season, so the Raiders Offensive Line needs to play extraordinarily to regain the chance of a successful Poorhouse.

Visatch leading the relentless Raiders to a playoff campaign

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