Waterville Amphitheater Developer Answers Venue Questions

WTOL asked community members on social media what questions or concerns they had for developers. Both for and against the amphitheater took part.

Waterville, Ohio — Waterville’s Proposed Amphitheater It’s a topic that continues to be controversial. Residents and people in the surrounding area are debating whether to build it or not.

At WTOL 11, we asked community members on social media what questions and concerns they had for developers.

Hunter Brucks HB Concerts Inc.. When HBC managementis one of two groups looking to bring an outdoor music venue to Waterville.

Of the nearly 60 comments and questions posted on social media, the top questions are:

  • Sound research and noise from outdoor amphitheaters
  • What events and music are there
  • whether the community can use it
  • parking and traffic

The biggest concern is whether the developers have done proper research.

“We are doing our own internal research and we are ready to make it public,” Brucks said. I have it because I wanted it, and I am ready to hand it over to the Council for investigation, and I think we are on good terms.”

People also want to know what developers plan to do with noise.

Some have even called for it to be more underground than what’s already planned, but Brooks said that’s not feasible.

“I hear things like that to go down 30 to 40 feet underground, you’re hitting the water table and you’re having major drainage problems,” he said. “You’re adding another 10 million to the project and he’s adding 15 million. Now it’s over 20 million.”

Brucks said people in Mill Creek will be able to hear the event, but noise should be minimized through landscaping, concessions and other ways to distort the sound to reduce the impact on people living nearby. We have plans to keep it to

Aside from noise, there are concerns about parking and traffic impacts, especially with over 9,000 people.

“You’re off the highway, you have two lanes, and you do the reverse situation after the show,” Brucks said. “So on Pray Boulevard he has three lanes. To the south he has two lanes and that’s the entrance. From the south of Pray it’s the same when viewed from the other side, two lanes inside and three lanes. The road goes on and on.”

What kind of events will be held and will the community be able to use the amphitheater?

Brucks said there will be all sorts of events, from country music to comedians to magicians.

He also said he hopes community events will be held there, but that they are in business to make money.

“Without a premise, it doesn’t survive and it doesn’t succeed,” he said. “That doesn’t mean we can’t support 501(c)(3). .We have to do it as an operation.”

The Waterville City Council will read the proposal a second time at its next meeting on October 10th. This means the third reading and possible vote will be on his October 24th.

The council expects a large crowd for its October 24th meeting, so it will be moved to 6:00 p.m. to allow time for public comment, and will be held at Waterville Elementary School.

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