Ways That Technology is Changing the World for the Better

Our planet has a very long history and Homo Sapiens has not been around for long, yet we have come a very long way in terms of technology. We developed from hunter gatherers to farmers and the big leap was most definitely the Industrial Revolution, which was quickly followed by the 2 World Wars and the advances made during both conflicts were significant. Then came digital tech, using ones and zeros to send data, which revolutionised societies and empowered us as a species; we put men on the moon and sent humans to the very bottom of the deepest oceans and as we move into another ‘Industrial Revolution’, here are a few aspects of modern living that are changing for the better, thanks to developing technology.

  • Travel – Elon Musk has finally found an affordable way to launch people and stuff into space and with Richard Branson testing his ‘space tourism’ ride for the first time, we are soon to be visiting the upper stratosphere and weightlessness as tourists. It isn’t only space travel that’s changing, we will soon be riding around on passenger drones and EVs will be the norm, ending decades of the internal combustion engine, which caused so much pollution. We are only a few years from developed countries banning the manufacture and sale of internal combustion vehicles and as battery development is ongoing, we will have longer ranges with this new generation of eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Medical Sector – The healthcare sector is benefitting greatly by developing technologies such as AI and robotics, with technical equipment installed by Rhenus High Tech, a leading UK white glove logistics provider. AI can already diagnose from X-Ray images to a higher standard than a human and with nanobot technology, cures for most diseases will be found and the medication will be delivered by nanobots.
  • Digital Currencies – Bitcoin is leading the way in the long list of cryptocurrencies that operate on a blockchain platform and within a few years, cash will no longer be legal tender. This has many benefits; poor people can manage their money and a rich person could travel the world with just their smartphone. Banks do not like Bitcoin, as it is also a payment system whereby people can transfer money to each other without the need for a middleman, but, hey, banks have had it too good for too long! If you are in the market for a budget smartphone, click here.
  • Communication – The launch of 5G brings with it an incredible 10x data transfer speeds and with thousands of 5G satellites, every square centimetre of the planet will be covered. Let’s not forget the Internet of Things (IoT), to which every single digital device will be connected and managed by AI. You will be able to set your climate control an hour before you arrive home and cook the dinner with remote instructions to your smart-home management system.

As you can see, technology is rapidly changing our world for the better and we are most certainly living in an exciting time.


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