WEB EXTRA: Ed Calo looks back on 500 wins at Westerville South

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Westerville, Ohio (WCMH) — Westerville South Boys basketball coach Ed Caro reaches another milestone on Friday night when Wildcats defeat rival Westerville North 55-37. did.

This victory was the 500th place for Caro, who has been head coach in South since 1987. Caro is OCC’s longest-running active headboys basketball coach.

“In the meantime, you think a lot,” Caro said. “You think of every assistant coach, you think of every player who goes through. It’s a great effort by many different people.”

Calo is currently the first Central Ohio coach to win 500 games in one program.

“From the end of me, it’s a service,” he said. “You are doing the work of the Lord by serving others and serving young children, and in return the benefits of developing relationships with young people are incredible.”

Caro began her coaching career in 1980 when she was an assistant coach at both Globe City High School and Franklin Heights High School. In 1986, he was promoted to head coach after a year of assistant at Westerville South.

“It’s really special when Father’s Day comes and we get a lot of text and emails from ex-players,” Caro said. “I think it’s the best gift of all.”

Caro was the father of a myriad of young men he said weren’t that young anymore.

“I’ve been there for a long time because some of the older people are older,” he said. “Looking at the first couple teams, these teams are old!”

One of them is Germain Gis, who was part of Caro’s first team in 1987. Gis is currently the head coach of the Westerville South Girls Basketball.

“He makes me feel,’What am I doing wrong?’ It looks like he was teaching me!” Guice said.

Germain was part of Caro’s first victory 35 years ago, and his son Jaden was part of Friday’s legendary coach’s 500th victory.

“I know that he will continue his legacy, and also my father’s legacy is very special to me,” said South senior Jaden. “He is devoted to us and devoted to his entire program, which is why he has been so successful.”

Caro says that having a son of a former player makes him feel older, but that’s an even bigger blessing.

“What’s really cool is the fact that they want their son to play for me and have such a relationship with him,” Caro said.

Guice spent 10 seasons as an assistant in South before taking over the women’s program in 2019. He says what he learned for a long time under Calo made him a better coach and man.

“I feel that coach Caro has made me the person and the player who became me, and the coach I can say now,” Gis said. “I had the opportunity to go home, so to speak … So I definitely wanted my son to be part of it and shape him in the right way.”

WEB EXTRA: Ed Calo looks back on 500 wins at Westerville South

Source link WEB EXTRA: Ed Calo looks back on 500 wins at Westerville South

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