Western Back Eye League Men’s Basketball Preview


Department: III

Coach: Shawn Powell (1st season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 12-13

2020-21 League record: 3-6 (7th place tie)

Post-season 2021 finish: Lost 60-45 to Wayne Race in the district semifinals.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Jonah Wauben (Sr.), Britton Hall (Sr.), Andrew Stahr (Sr.), Ian Armentrout (Sr.), Griffen Mikesell (Sr.)

Other players who may start the season on the national team roster: Lucas Pritchard (Senior), RJ Cortez (Senior), Mitch Bar (Junior), Drake Cradock (Fran), Brain Olbright (Junior), Connor Stone Hill (Junior), Cole Craddock (Fr.), Zavier Tickle (Fr.)

Coach Analysis: We compete every night and aim to see steady growth throughout the season. I would like to participate in the tournament to be held in March.


Department: II

Coach: Adam Johns (Second Season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 5-16

2020-21 League record: 3-6 (7th place tie)

2021 Postseason Finish: Lost to Wapaconeta 37-30 in the section semifinals.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Conner Altstaetter (Sr.), Dylan Feister (Sr.), Quinn Andrew (Sr.), Josh Rasawehr (Sr.)

Other national team rosters: Jacob Ray (Senior), Brayron Gaves (Sof), Caleb Gaves (Sof), Landon Akley (Junior), Nathan Rammel (Junior), Isaac Rasawell (Junior), Jack. Eichler (Soph.), Carter Altstaetter (Soph.)

Coach Analysis: We will continue to move forward as a program. Inexperienced national team players should also be configured to blend / play with experienced core group players. We want to play the best basketball for the tournament.


Department: II

Coach: Mat table (first season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 5-17

2020-21 League record: 2-7 (9th)

2021 Postseason Finish: Lost to Seaney 85-31 in the section finals.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Brenden Crow (Sr.), Austin Miller (Sr.), Brice Engle (Jr.)

Other players who may start the season on the national team roster: Tori Thomas (Jr.), Jackson Covault (Soph.), David Etzkorn (Soph.), Seth Sharp (Soph.), X’zorion Island ( Fr.), Jaylen Jones (Soph ..), Kahliq Wash (Fr.)

Coach Analysis: Our daily goal is to be better at the defensive end. We are a very young team, learning new systems, playing in a very tight WBL and on a tight non-league schedule. It gets even better as you move forward in the defensive end and continue to work on rebounds.


Department: II

Coach: Ryan Miller (first season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 0-17

2020-21 League record: 0-7 (10th)

Post-season 2021 finish: Lost 69-66 to Elida in the section semifinals.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Jarrett Jolliff (Sr.), Gunnar Stout (Sr.), Kooper Johnston (Jr.), Gavin Payne (Soph.)

Other national team rosters: Brent Raider (Senior), Tyson Lawrence (Junior), Colby Key (Junior), Seth Mans (Junior), Trevor Robinson (Junior), Parker Rayleigh (Junior), Ethan Yoder (Junior) Soph. ), Korbin Johnston (Fr.)

Coach Analysis: We are very optimistic about this season. Players want success. We aim to push the ball onto the court with all our belongings and actively work on the defensive end of the court.

Ottawa-Grand Rufu

Department: III

Coach: Tyson McGrawlin (13th season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 20-5

2020-21 League record: 7-2 (seconds)

Post-season 2021 finish: Lost 58-52 to Cleveland Heights Lutheran East in the state semifinals.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Colin White (Soph.), Carter Schimmoeller (Sr.), Eli Schmenk (Sr.), Carson Fuka (Sr.), Theo Maag (Jr.), Landen Jordan (Sr.), Caleb Kuhlman (Sr.), Hunter Stechschulte (Jr.)

Coach Analysis: I’m excited about this group. There are talented athletes who have the ability to score in different ways. We are not as big as in the past, so we need to make adjustments over the years. Having lost two men (Owen Nichols and Brenen Brevins) who scored 30 points from last year, it’s important to get consistent production from them. We have a great summer and play basketball in a fun style.


Department: II

Coach: Mark Triplet (9th season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 25-2

2020-21 League Record: 9-0 (First)

Post-season 2021 finish: Lost 71-42 to Akron St. Vincent-Cent. Mary in the state semi-finals.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Brady Wheeler (Sr.), Ja’Mari Johnson (Sr.), Austin Miller (Jr.), Toby Freiberger (Jr.)

Other players who may start the season on the national team roster: Anthony Best (Senior), Wilson McBride (Junior), Zack Noonan (Junior), Justin Altenbach (Senior), Austin Fisher (Senior) Senior), Trevor Bowers (Senior), Keegan Wilson (Junior)

Coach Analysis: We are replacing the four starters and the best senior class in school history. This season will be a very different team, but I think we have a chance to be a very competitive team this season as well. Revives three of the pre-season start point guards and top four bench players. We have a group of competitive children with high expectations and standards. I feel that if I can improve my team’s defense and find a way to consistently rebound basketball, the attack will give me a chance to win many games.

St Mary’s

Department: II

Coach: Daniel Hegemia

2020-21 Overall Record: 16-7

2020-21 League record: 5-3 (4th)

Post-season 2021 finish: Lost to Seaney 65-52 in the district final.

Varsity list: Jadin Lotz (Jr.), Heath Dilsaver (Jr.), Andrew Moore (Sr.), Kyle Steininger (Sr.), Rylin Davis (Jr.), Braeden Hemmelgarn (Sr.), Brandon Bowers (Sr.) .), Cobain Owens (Soph.), Brayden Sullivan (Jr.), Gavin Reineke (Sr.), Jace Turner (Soph.), Evan Angstmann (Soph.), Ryan Meier (Sr.), Austin Parks (Jr.). )

Van Wort

Department: II

Coach: Ben Loudick (3rd season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 11-11

2020-21 League record: 5-4 (5th)

2021 Postseason Finish: Lost 51-30 to Defiance in the section final.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Nathan Jackson (Senior), Ethan Brown (Senior), Tray Loudick (Senior), Tyson Jackson (Senior), Connor Pratt (Senior), Garrett Gunter (Junior) , Aidan Pratt (Junior)

Other players who may start the season on the national team roster: Madix Scratchfield (Junior), Nate Phillips (Junior), Carson Smith (Junior), Luke Wessel (Junior), Logan Dotson (Junior)

Coach Analysis: Van Wort returns four starters from last year’s 11-11 basketball team, but with a four-year starter who finished his career with Cougars’ 1,359 points and two first teams, the WBL Shooting Guard Owen Trees. Need to replace. Van Wort returns a total of seven Lettermen and adds a few more juniors to the rotation to conclude the 2021-22 campaign team. Van Wort excels in team depth, agility and athletic performance. Despite the delay in starting this year due to the success of the football team, Cougars are excited to keep the season going and look forward to the challenges their schedule presents this season.


Department: II

Coach: Trey Elchert (second season)

2020-21 Overall Record: 13-10

2020-21 League record: 3-5 (6th)

2021 Postseason Finish: Lost to Warsion 44-24 in the section final.

Return Winners of the 2020-21 Varsity Letter: Zack Rogers (Senior), Cadencey Fling (Senior), Bradenglet (Senior), John Buchanan (Senior), Grant Bower (Junior), Jackson Coater (Junior) ),

Other national team rosters: Amir Bryant (Sr.), Logan Crow (Jr.), Zac Niekamp (Soph.), Taylor Echols (Soph.), Nate Metzger (Soph.), Deacon Retterer (Jr.)

Coach Analysis: We have lost the top two scorers since last season due to graduation. But we feel we have a wonderful core of those who have returned. Rogers, Siefring and Goulet all played more than 25 minutes per game last year, while Buchanan, Bauer and Carter all made valuable contributions from the bench throughout the year. I feel that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classes are deep enough and I hope that many will play a major role throughout the year. Our schedule has many challenges, but we also have the opportunity to have a lot of really good competition. WBL is as good as any other league. Two teams will participate in the final four.

Ottawa-Grand Rufu’s Colin White, 22, was named the second team of the All-West Backeye League last season.

Seany’s Brady Wheeler, 4, was honored by Team 2 of the All-Western Backeye League last season.

Information provided by the coach and obtained from the OHSAA and conference websites. Please contact the Lima News Sports Department at 567-242-0451.

Western Back Eye League Men’s Basketball Preview

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