What are LED shoebox lights with a photocell?

Shoebox lights are those outdoor streets or parking lot lights that are mounted on poles to illuminate the street or parking lot.  The name shoebox is given to these lights because they resemble shoeboxes in their size and shape. They are designed in such a way to throw all of their lights away from the source and in a downward direction. In some shoebox lights, photocells are introduced to perform the dawn to dusk operations.

Lepro lights

Lepro is a well-known and reliable company dealing with all types of lights. Their products use high LED technology which makes them worth buying. You will get a 5-year warranty on almost all their products. All of their products show remarkable high-quality performance as they are UL and ETL certified. All the lepro products are produced by World famous ODM and OEM manufacturers.

The thing which makes Lepro superior is its relationship with customers. They do not take customers’ feedback from sales channels or indirectly but they link with customers directly. By buying from Lepro you will get high-quality Lights at a reasonable price so we can say that Lepro lights are budget-friendly products.

Lepro street lights

Among the light fixtures of Lepro lights, you will find a variety of lepro street lights. You can select different watt street lights with different features according to your choice. Most of the Lepro street lights contain dawn to dusk features because of the photocell they have. On the official website of lepro “https://www.lepro.com/”, you will find 100W, 150W, 200W, and 300W LED shoebox lights with photocell. You can select the light color, brightness, Wattage, and if the light will be dimmable or not.

LED shoebox lights with photocell

Lepro LED shoebox light with photocell is a type of Lepro street light that is a discharge lamp with high intensity which is mounted in parking lot areas and streets. Other types of Lepro street light are LED post top lights and LED Cobra Head Lights but LED shoebox lights with photocell are the most usable lights among them because of their high lighting coverage and more energy efficiency.

These lepro street lights are mostly used in outdoor commercial areas such as campuses, squares, hospitals, and commercial centers along with parking lots and streets of residential areas.

Advantages of using LED shoebox light with photocell

You will get the following benefits by using LED shoebox light with photocell :

Method of installation of Lepro street lights

The method to install any lepro street light is very easy. Firstly you have to lose the rubber gasket and adapter plate then fix it into the round pole bracket or square with the help of a bolt. Then connect the pole and power wire and tighten the bolt.


Lepro street lights are best to use in the parking lot and streets of commercial or residential areas. You can buy them easily from the official website of lepro (https://www.lepro.com/) at a reasonable price. LED shoebox light with photocell is a high-quality street light that works on dawn to dusk operation. These lepro lights are reliable, high quality, and accessible products. You can choose these lepro lights according to your need as they are available with different light colors, brightness, Wattage, and disability.



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