What are your plans for masks at schools in northwestern Ohio?

Director Dr. Caddy Anstadt says he was shocked to learn that only 15 percent of the district was vaccinated.

Toledo, Ohio — With only a few weeks left before school reopens, many suspect that children will have to wear masks this fall.

Washington Local School“Director Caddy Anstadt states that district decisions depend on vaccination coverage, which is very low.

Anstadt is appealing to students and their parents tonight.

“There are areas in the suburbs where vaccination rates are around 70% between grades 7 and 12, and yes, 15% of children are eligible for vaccination,” said Anstadt. increase. “One Five. Not 50. One Five.”

WTOL 11 also contacted some of the largest school districts in the area to see where the numbers really are.

Springfield Local SchoolYes, yes, 70% of qualified students there are fully vaccinated in the fall.

Late Tuesday night we learned Ottawa Hills Local School 78% of eligible students are vaccinated.

Many other districts told us they didn’t have that information.

Anstadt says it’s not a matter of access to the vaccine.

So far, it already offers a one-shot clinic and they plan to offer another clinic next Wednesday.

But if attendance is poor, she says they may be watching a Maskman date in the fall.

“Nobody wants to put a kid in a mask. Perhaps before the Delta variant, I really thought you knew. Maybe we thought we’d be back. Maybe our kid had that vaccine It’s a K-6 kid until it’s available, but our 7-12 kids will be fine. ” “One Five”

And she says time isn’t on their side either.

If eligible students were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday, August 11, they will be vaccinated three weeks before the second vaccination on September 1.

Proceeding to September 15th, doctors say they are fully vaccinated, but this is a concern for school officials as classes actually begin on August 19th and 20th.

“I understand that there are decisions on both sides, but to keep our children safe, we need to vaccinate more children. We absolutely I will do that, “said Anstadt.

The school is currently planning to provide incentives for children to be vaccinated.

Anstadt to parents Toledo-Lucas County Health Department In fact, is offering $ 100 to children aged 12-18 years to be vaccinated this Saturday.

On August 11th, children can be vaccinated at Whitmer High School, A prize will be given after the second shot.

NS Washington Local School The board will meet Wednesday at 6 pm, but the director says Musk’s discussion will probably not start until 7 pm

You can see the board of directors virtually by going to school Website Click Board Live Stream..

Details of WTOL 11:

What are your plans for masks at schools in northwestern Ohio?

Source link What are your plans for masks at schools in northwestern Ohio?

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