What do hybrids do in the cold winter?

Q: I am considering purchasing a hybrid car. Whenever I go to Florida every winter, I lie down on my regular car and the battery is connected to the battery, so I think I can survive the winter. But I don’t know what to do with the hybrid. What happens to a car that has been sitting in a cold garage for five months? What steps do I take to put it down?

SK, Colchester, Connecticut

A: Is that a simple answer? The battery pack will be weak. Keeping a hybrid car at your Connecticut home will sacrifice the cold of winter. Connect the car charger. This will maintain the drive’s battery pack in the same way that the battery tender maintains a 12 volt battery. If possible, store your vehicle in a heated garage.

Q: I got a Tesla Model Y last year, but I have some questions about drafting. How close do you need to be? How useful is it? How does that affect the truck you are drafting behind? Do truck drivers care?

By the way, I love cars and never buy another ICE [internal combustion engine] vehicle.

DB, Chicago

A: It’s never a good idea to create a draft or follow it strictly enough to take advantage of the vortex of the preceding vehicle. There is little time to respond in an emergency. For example, if the vehicle in front turns to avoid an obstacle, you may not have enough time to avoid the same. If you draft behind a truck, especially a cicada, the driver will not be able to see you. Semi-drivers have front, left, right, and back blind spots. The back is the worst. If you can’t see the tractor mirror, the driver can’t see you behind the trailer. Truck drivers don’t like it. Leave the draft to a closed track racing driver.

Q: I bought a Porsche SUV in Florida 5 years ago, but never went to Indiana during the winter. Do I have to worry about antifreeze, or is it always controlled by the manufacturer no matter where I buy it? If not, what is the best place or way to test the level of winter protection?

JV, Dier, Indiana

A: It’s still called antifreeze, but what’s in the radiator is more accurately called coolant. In addition to preventing freezing, the coolant makes the boiling temperature much higher than the temperature of ordinary water. If you choose the prepaid Porsche Regular Maintenance Plan (PSMP), you can rest assured. This plan provides maintenance with a factory-recommended regular service. However, you can have a qualified technician, dealer, or independent technician test the quality of the coolant.

Q: Subaru in 2019 will be available with a 40,000 mile maintenance check. The nearest dealer is more than an hour away one way and wants about $ 1,400 to do everything they need. My question is, do I have to spend time and money visiting the dealers, or can I take them to an established local garage and get them to work?

BF, Pahrump, Nevada

A: Certainly and legally, you can take your car to a local store for service. Keep all documents including repair orders and invoices, component names and part numbers such as oil filters. This will keep the warranty as long as the car does not exceed the 5 year / 50,000 mile Subaru powertrain warranty. For more information on this topic, see Federal Magnason Moss Warranty Act.

Jumper cable attached to the car battery. Bob Weber writes that leaving a hybrid car at home will sacrifice the cold of winter.

Bobweber is a writer and mechanic who became an ASE-certified master automotive engineer in 1976. He maintains this status by seeking certification every five years. Weber’s work has been published in specialized trade magazines and other consumer publications. His work has also been published in automotive industry publications, Consumer Guide and Consumers Digest.

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What do hybrids do in the cold winter?

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