What Does Caleb Brown’s Commitment Mean for Ohio State University Football: Buckeyes Recruit

Columbus, Ohio — Caleb Brown plays many tailbacks At Centrita High School in Chicago, his straight speed creates a lot of explosive play.

up to date 2022 Class Ohio State University Football Initiatives The 13th and 3rd receivers overall — need to break through the recent trend of running backs converting to back-eye receivers.

Such a transition was common during Urban Meyer’s H-back era. These days, those players have tended to struggle to seize the role of attack.

De Mario McCall has never found anyone to enter his fifth season. Jaelen Gill immediately saw the progress of his position and headed to Boston University. Even the true slot receiver, Mookie Cooper, lasted only one season before heading to Missouri.

Brown, however, has already begun the transition to receivers. There’s a reason he believes that OSU could be what the entire receiver room was looking for, a person with the skills and versatility to play inside and outside.

As a sophomore in the respected Chicago Catholic League, Brown rushed to 1,967 yards and 28 touchdowns. Nevertheless, he also demonstrated a balanced skill set by summing an additional 317 yards and three touchdowns at 20 receptions.

He entered Mustang’s spring schedule with a focus on the transition to the outside world.

“I have completed my craft during the off-season.” Brown told the Chicago Tribune March. “I’m more agile. I’ve been working on the route execution. I’m all in the wide receiver. That’s where I want to play at the next level.”

St. Rita still needed Brown’s backfield ability to win during the spring. But what stands out from reports and video clips is the purely instinctive ability that helps him play separately as a receiver. He’s fast enough to separate in those short areas, and he seems to have the hands needed to prove his credibility.

Buckeyes wasn’t disappointed with the ability to bring in elite receivers, so it’s important for Brown to start making conversions outside early. Brown was ranked 63rd overall in the 247 Sports National Composite and 6th among the receivers, and is still ranked in the middle of the pack in the 2022 Receiver Corps forecast.

Slots must be manned between Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Emeka Egbuka until at least 2023. Fellow 2022 Commit Kiyon Grayes could also play a lot internally.

However, Ohio State University receiver coach Brian Hartline was less fond of locating prospects. He wants someone who can make a play no matter where they are lined up. Brown may have the talent base and instinct to reach the bar.

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What Does Caleb Brown’s Commitment Mean for Ohio State University Football: Buckeyes Recruit

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