What is Ohio doing to keep students safe?

Columbus, Ohio — Ohio State University officials hold a press conference with the Columbus Police Department on Wednesday to discuss recent security measures in response to the rise in crime near the campus.

You can watch Wednesday’s briefing on the following players.

Deputy Chief Jennifer Knight and CPD Commander Jeffrey Dennis are attending a briefing by Ohio State University Senior Vice President J. Casey and OSU Police Chief Kimberly Spears-McNut.

Discussions are taking place as reports of armed robbery near the campus continue to grow. The latest of these robbers occurred last Friday when two suspects approached a student in a 1500-block alley on High Street and threatened with a gun before taking off on a cell phone.

Campus officials announced a new plan on Friday to improve the safety of the university district. These plans include adding lighting and cameras to the pedestrian walkway and increasing security guards around the campus.

What is Ohio doing to keep students safe?

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