What to look for in a Republican Senate audit of Maricopa County votes

Five presenters will submit a report in the Senate, followed by a press conference. There are at least seven discoveries to note.

Phoenix — Last April, a semi-trailer took 2.1 million presidential ballots out of storage and delivered them to an empty arena in the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

The unprecedented hand recount of all ballots would have taken two weeks. I was dragged in midsummer.

“Bamboo ballot” is now a thing.

So was the threat of murder against those who run our elections.

And Arizona has become a beacon for Donald Trump supporters who have been claiming since November last year, without evidence that the 2020 elections were stolen from him.

Now, the moment “Show me what you got” is coming.

On Friday, Senate Republicans from Arizona reveal the results of a long-delayed survey of the Partisan Review on the 2020 vote in Maricopa County. This is the most extensive review of the 2020 presidential vote.

Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona’s largest county (Democratic victory for the first time in more than 70 years) handed over the state to the president-elect.

The vote was approved by Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey in late November. Nothing presented on Friday will change the outcome of the vote, but there is a move to “deauthorize” the elections among Trump’s Die Hard before the Friday event.

Here’s what we know and think we know about Friday’s events and findings:

5 people presenting the survey results

Five people will give a presentation in the Senate room of the Houses of Parliament on Friday. The general public and the media can sit in the gallery above the floor.

Doug Logan, Senate Republican prime contractor and owner of a Florida-based cyber ninja.

Logan was put on track for Trump’s major rejecters within a few weeks of voting in November. According to The Arizona Republic’s Jenfi Field. Fans hired Logan in March to oversee the review.

Ben Cotton, Founder of a digital forensics company called CyFIR.Cotton is best known for having Driven copy of county voting system data In the laboratory of his house in Montana.

Randy Poolen, Senate Audit Spokesperson and Former Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Pouren helped raise funds for audits from Republican donors.

Shiva Ayyadurai, Also known as “Dr. Shiva”, an election and vaccine conspiracy theorist. Ayadurai was a presenter At the “Stop the Steal” event led by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in Phoenix last November.

Ken Bennett, Senate Audit Liaison and former Arizona Secretary of State. Bennett was brought in to give the review team some of the election experience it lacked. Logan has never considered an election. Maricopa County is the second largest voting jurisdiction in the country.

Friday press conference and online report

Senate Republican spokesman said Senate President Karen Fann will hold a press conference after the conference.

Senate Republican lawyers told 12News that an electronic version of the full report documenting the findings will be released sometime on Friday.

The elected chairs are fans who approved the election without a Senate vote, and Warren Petersen, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who issued subpoenas with fans for county ballots and other election materials.

The duo presided over two previous public meetings with the contractor.

Not a regular Senate session

This event is not a regular Senate session. It is not clear how many Republicans will be present. At least three senators, the majority of the 17 Republicans, are publicly away from the review.

According to Senate Democratic spokeswoman Joselin Berry, none of the 13 Democrats will be present, but Democratic leader Rebecca Rios will watch the live stream.

“They aren’t interested in becoming props for political drama. The only purpose is to support the careers of Republicans who are willing to encourage dangerous conspiracy theories about what was a free and fair election. “Berry said in a text message.

The five-month review raised many questions about elections, many of which were uncovered by election experts, review observers, and journalists.

Here are seven findings to look for on Friday:

Do the total votes match?

This review began with a recount of 2.1 million livestreamed hands.

Workers checked a lazy Susan spinning ballot at a colorful table on the cement floor of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Votes were aggregated in the presidential election and the US Senate election, where Democrat Mark Kelly won against Republican Martha McSally.

Compare the results of Friday’s review with the votes cast by Maricopa County in these elections.

You can see the 2020 door-to-door canvassing in Maricopa County here..

How many ballots were thrown?

Later in the review process, fans paid $ 30,000 to the paper counter because the ballot manual recount did not match the 2,089,563 votes cast in Maricopa County.

Election experts have already been processed by countless hands, and machine recounting of ballots piled up on voting machines in humid places (annex of the trade fair) may not give accurate results. I warn you that there is sex.

Poolen will announce these results, Bennett told 12 News.

What about Logan’s claim to the initial ballot?

At a public meeting with fans in July, Logan claimed that there were 74,000 mailed ballots with “no clear record” of being mailed. Logan’s statement became a hot topic in the Trump circle as evidence of fraud. Trump himself advertised it.

Logan’s statement Easily revealed: He didn’t know how Arizona’s early voting system worked. Cyber ​​Samurai leaders couldn’t explain the 74,000 votes returned directly at the voting center instead of by mail.

Will Logan correct that error in his findings?

The election review began in late April with Tucson’s John Blakey, Deputy Democratic Liaison Officer.

Brakey’s assignment was intended to show that the review was bipartisan.

Breaky won social media fame with a sound bite revealing that the Coliseum ballot examiner was looking for bamboo fiber in the ballot.

The far-right conspiracy theory states that on Election Night, 2020 ballots were cast tens of thousands of votes from Asia to Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.

“We claimed we were doing a lot of this work because we needed to remove a lot of junk-fed people from the gas lamps,” Brakey told 12News this week. rice field.

He said Biden had “absolutely” no doubt that he had won the election.

Ballots were examined for more than subtropical plants.

Inspector used UV light Search for “abnormalities” such as watermarks, creases, and secret printer protocols with the naked eye. All of these may indicate that the ballot has been forged.

Much of this was from the heart of Giovanni Hatton Pulitzer.. Recently, Pulitzer has stated on social media that he is concerned that his so-called “detection of kinematic artifacts” will not be part of the results of the review.

‘Dr.Shiva signature exam

Is there an “abnormality” in the voter’s signature above? 1.9 million mailed ballot envelopes?? In Arizona, early voters sign their name under the affidavit on the ballot.

Shiva Ayyadurai, also known as “Dr. Shiva”, was brought in later in the review process to review the signature.

Poolen told The Arizona Republic’s Robert Anglet Ayyadurai has done a bank signature review.

Ayyadurai starred in the “Stop the Steal” event on November 30th in downtown Phoenix, led by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He presented data and graphics claiming to indicate that Biden was unable to win the vote in Maricopa County.

Mr Pouren said Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem, who claims the election was stolen from Trump, linked him to Ayadurai.

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Would you like to tee up a criminal investigation?

Before the findings were announced, Senator Huang said he would forward the findings to Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich because of a possible criminal investigation.

Fans do not say what the alleged criminal activity is. In addition, no information suggesting the possibility of a crime has been released.

One of the notable presenters: Bennett told 12 News that it would indicate where Maricopa County did not comply with state election laws and procedures.

Wildcard: Voter solicitation

Cyber ​​Samurai’s contract with fans provided a canvas to knock on the doors of voters in selected voting areas.

However U.S. Department of Justice warned fans Away from the canvas. The Civil Rights Agency said the campaign could violate federal law prohibiting the threat of voters.

Fans retreated, but Republican legislative candidates who failed in East Valley did not.

Starting in December, Liz Harris has recruited volunteer recruiters through his Facebook page and site ItSmellsFunny.com. She suffered a slight defeat in a legislative race in the Chandler area.

Harris’ solicitation continued Until very recently.She made the following report The journalist found was full of falsehood.

However, Harris’ campaign has strong supporters. Patrick Byrne is a former Overstock.com CEO who is a major fundraiser for election reviews.

On social media, Burn has downplayed ballot and vote results, focusing on what he now claims to be shown by the distrusted canvas.

Will the canvas be reflected in the survey results?

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What to look for in a Republican Senate audit of Maricopa County votes

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