When is Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Music lovers are looking forward to a personalized review year summary of streaming services.

Want to know the songs, artists and albums you listened to most in 2021?

When streaming music via Spotify, the platform’s annual “Spotify wrap“Features. Interactive summarization catalogs users’ top songs, artists, albums, and more.

As many Spotify users know, year-end summaries are a place where listeners can’t hide the pros, cons, and embarrassment of streaming habits as they walk the path of music memory.

(As a record, being Swiftie is not shameful.)

It can also symbolically look back on your year. “Driver’s license” Low point, in the days you felt “As good as hell.. “

As of Tuesday, November 23, Spotify hasn’t premiered the 2021 features yet, but based on the last few years, we can expect:

In 2020, “Spotify Wrapped” counted listening statistics from January 1st to November 15th. Support post From the company moderator.

The first interactive experience was only available via the Spotify app, but as a result I was able to access customized playlists. here On the Spotify site.

Last year, users who opt-in to Product News in their notification settings received an email notification when Wrap was officially published.

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Spotify didn’t answer the question about when “rap” will be released in 2021. But in recent years, “rap” usually dropped in the first week of December.

Meanwhile, the jury is still working on sharing your results on social media-do people care? Do they judge your musical taste?

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We say it’s worth it Stop Be true to yourself-you are yours Bad music habits As we know, in that year Everything is too good, Not exactly Easy to us..

When is Spotify Wrapped 2021?

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