When was Cleveland founded? History of July 22, 1796

Cleveland — Editor’s Note: The above player video was first released to commemorate Cleveland’s birthday on July 22, 2020.

Cleveland We are celebrating our 225th birthday on Thursday!

To commemorate this opportunity, a celebration and wreath ceremony will be held at 11:00 am in front of the Moses Cleaveland statue in Public Square hosted by the Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve. City Council Chairman and Candidate Mayor Kevin Kelly will speak during the event.

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So how did Cleveland get off to a good start? Here is a summary from the Cleveland City Council:

The creation of Cleveland is quite a story. General Moses Cleaveland, who arrived at the mouth of Kaiyahoga on July 22, 1796, said, “The capital is where rivers, lakes, low embankments, dense forests and high cliffs provide both protection and access to transportation. I believed it was an ideal place for me. In the Western Connecticat Reserve. “

Cleveland was participating in the Connecticut Continental Regiment’s War of Independence. He resigned from the committee in 1781 and practiced the law. Cleveland, one of the founders of Connecticut and one of seven directors, was dispatched in 1796 to investigate and map the company’s holdings.

His surveyor planned the town and named it Cleveland. In October 1796, Cleveland and most of his party returned to Connecticut, not to the Western Reserve.

It will take another 40 years for the city of Cleveland (the letter “a” was removed in 1831) to be incorporated on March 5, 1836. It was an exciting year. It was about to enter a field battle with neighboring Ohio City across the bridge connecting the two communities.

When was Cleveland founded? History of July 22, 1796

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