Who will the Cleveland Cavaliers target as a free agent this offseason? Hey, Chris!

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Hey, Chris: Will Cavs’ ownership try to make a splash this offseason to bring fans back to the building, as the pandemic has significantly reduced revenue and has been repeatedly defeated in court? -Matt, Highland Hts.

Hey, Matt: From what I’ve heard, everyone is on the same page regarding the direction of this rebuild. A few years ago, after the departure of LeBron James’ free agent, Cleveland’s front office sold Chairman Daniel Gilbert with a plan that would take at least four or five years to return to the playoffs battle. This is the 4th year. The Cavs show identifiable court progress and know that some steps need to be taken. It’s not a playoff or bust season, but everyone wants to be in the conversation at least by the end of 2021-22.

Gilbert is a fan of Core Four (Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, Isaac Okoro, Jarrett Allen), and Sexton in particular has been Gilbert’s favorite player since his pre-draft training at the Cleveland Clinic Court in 2018. Gilbert recognizes the benefits of continuing the course.

So can the Cavs try to make an off-season splash? I’ve acknowledged. When the right opportunity comes, they explore it. Opposition executives don’t have the same ardent view of recent draft topics, but Cleveland’s front office has collected quality young work and added draft capital.Highly acclaimed Larry Nance Junior

There are several situations in which the Cavaliers (and others) will monitor this offseason. Will Toronto blow it up and make Pascal Siakam available after recovering from shoulder surgery? Is Minnesota a comfortable building around Karl-Anthony Town, Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell? New Orleans has decided on a pairing of Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram and has a bloated contract pair (Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams). Are there enough space on both sides of the court? Can Ingram hang in trade? There are also playoff / play-in teams to monitor for a variety of reasons, including Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, and Portland Trail Blazers. The real question is who will be available this offseason. Teams usually try to stay all-stars.

No matter what happens, the Cavaliers have no hopelessness.

Hey, Chris: Who is Cavs’ best free agent target? –Zayn Ahmed

Hey, Zein: A larger and more detailed article on this topic will be published shortly. cleveland.com.. However, as many have asked this question, it does not hurt to provide the first list of potential targets.

General Manager Koby Altman used the word “supplement” many times at a press conference at the end of the season. The Cavaliers believe in their core. Unless something changes and opportunities arise, the plan is to move around those people. They are looking for length, athletic ability, versatility and shooting. The draft can come first and target the position-free agency, but starting with the secondary ball handler, there is a clear need. Replacing Matthew Delabedova and the most important playmaking division could be a backup point guard.

The Cavaliers may be looking for another center. Upon arriving at the JaVale McGee contract with Denver, Isaiah Hartenstein has a player choice. Sources expect him to exercise it and become a free agent. Hartenstein, who has minimized this past season, likes it in Cleveland. However, he increased his value in the last few months and opt-in to a low wage of $ 1.7 million. According to sources, Hartenstein’s preference is to stay with the Cavaliers as Allen’s backup and renegotiate a more favorable long-term contract.

The easiest way to get external assistance is the middle-level exception, which costs about $ 10 million annually. Cavs plans to be aggressive at the mid-level after choosing not to use it last summer.

The list of potential free agents should start with TJ McConnell of Indiana and Alex Caruso, a pest of Los Angeles. Both are Cavs targets. Both fit really well. Some people like Caruso. He is young, big, strong and can protect multiple places. Others like McConnell. He doesn’t shoot many threes, but he’s more sophisticated, can be filled as a starter, put pressure on the rims, and was the league’s total steel leader.

Talen Horton-Tucker is another notable name, but if the Lakers make a qualifying offer, he’ll be a restricted free agent. Be careful with restricted free agents. Doug McDermott is an elite external shooter, but often gets off the court due to defensive deficiencies. Can the Cavaliers really afford another minus defender?

Spencer Dinwidy has stopped knee surgery. Kris Dunn has signed a two-year contract with the Atlanta Hawks this past offseason. However, due to arthroscopic ankle surgery, he was unable to play all but four games. Dan has about $ 5 million worth of player options. Will he opt out and look for another situation? There are other notable names: Denzel Valentine, Daniel Theis, Austin Rivers, Dante Exum, Reggie Bullock, Otto Porter Jr., Stanley Johnson, and one of Nance’s best friends and sources. According to Josh Hart, he wants a new start.

Hey, Chris: What is Kevin Love’s status on the team? -John B.

Hey, John: Nothing has changed. The transition from love is not easy.. His trade value has become a crater and is now seen as a negative asset throughout the league due to his age, injury history, large contracts ($ 60 million in debt over the next two years), and a public explosion. It has been done. Opponent teams want the Cavs to at least give up young players on draft topics or love swaps. The Cavaliers are not in a position to do that. They still appreciate Love’s leadership, three-point shooting, floor spacing, and attraction, the ability to distract from young backcoats. They pick out numbers to help support Love’s court influence, including the April rise in Darius Garland. Unless it’s a similarly bad contract (Ehem, Kristaps Porzingis or CJ McCollum), the trade route is tricky.

For some in the front office, the idea of ​​abandonment and stretching is not a beginner. In this scenario, love disappears, considering a salary cap of $ 12 million per season for five years. This is a nasty financial blow that affects team building and future salary flexibility. In addition, who will Cavs release money to sign? DeMar DeRozan? Do you pay a lot of money to Lauri Markkanen as a restricted free agent? John Collins? Lonzo Ball? This is not a great free agent class.

There was no conversation with Love about the acquisition, sources said. The sensation I get: love will have to start those discussions while giving up some salary to make it worthwhile. Another looming factor: the love contract expires after this season, giving him more trade value.

Hey, Chris: Do you think Cavs is still in the business of undertaking bad asset contracts? -@ SportsNom

Hey, @ SportsNom: This is not a simple “yes” or “no” answer. It depends on several factors. How bad is the contract? Can a player with that bad contract, like Taurean Prince, help? How good are your assets?

Given the strength of the 2022 free agent class, which has long been considered one of the best, the opposite team is trying to lower their salaries. It may be fascinating that Prince’s $ 13 million expires. Damyean Doston has a small number of unguaranteed transactions of some value. If the trade package is worth it, the Cavs can go in this direction. It doesn’t seem like a priority.

Hey Chris: How likely are Cavs to exchange picks if they aren’t in the top five? -Stephen, Parma

Hey, Stephen: The Cavs can move up and down depending on how the lottery ball bounces. Many around the league have seen a dip after the fifth pick, and even if they aren’t in a position to get a piece to change the trajectory, given the number of young players already on the roster, that’s it. It is definitely worth considering using it as an immediate useful asset. However, Cavs has studied this class extensively. They like many prospects, even a few prospects other than the top five.

Hey Chris: Who is most likely to leap next year and establish itself as unmanageable? -Chad, Columbus

Hey, Chris: Who will make the biggest jumps this offseason? -Sam, Collins

Hey, Chad and Sam: There is nothing uncontrollable in this list. They do not have Lebron, Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokić, or any other well-meaning star.At this point, the Cavs That guy To construct. To be fair to them, they are not placed in the lottery to grab that kind of player.

When it comes to making big jumps, the two simplest answers are Okoro and Allen, right? Both have the potential to be untapped in terms of aggressiveness. Both have gained valuable experience in a larger role towards the end of the season. Both have longer summers. Don’t be surprised if Okoro makes a garland-like leap and changes the story about whether he’s worth the fifth choice.

The Cavaliers plan to work further on Okoro’s outside shots this summer, while also giving him playmaking responsibility for Okoro’s attacks. Because of their belief in his passage and decision making, they want to use him in pick and roll, post-up, and DHO (dribble handoff) rather than making him a static floor spacer. .. Okoro, who is expected to participate in the summer league in August, averaged 16.6 points and 3.0 assists in May. He finished six consecutive double-digit scoring games.

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Who will the Cleveland Cavaliers target as a free agent this offseason? Hey, Chris!

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