Why Animated Explainer Videos Can’t Be Beat

From a marketing point of view, video content is a means by which a brand can attract the attention of an audience, raise engagement and conversion metrics, and thereby increase sales. In addition, this format allows you to clearly declare yourself and gather a community of fans on media platforms where the company was not present before. We are talking, of course, about social networks – especially those where video is the main or priority means of communication. Thus, video content is the main element of video marketing, the task of which is to promote goods and services in the digital environment.

Types of video content

There are different types of videos. Each of them has its own impact on the target audience. After all, marketing animation explainer video is not free creativity. The selling effect for him is of great importance. And the goal of promotion dictates the choice of the necessary solution. Before proceeding with the production of videos, you should determine which types of video content best suit the chosen strategy, and also answer why they are needed.

In addition to the production issues of video production, you should also take into account the priorities and interests of the audience in order to create in-demand content. Engaging consumers with brand storytelling is not an easy task. In order to draw them into the created story, you also need to take into account the existing trends in video content in 2021. Here are some of the current trends according to video marketing statistics:

  1. 65% of users are looking for a solution to their problem on YouTube. They are interested in videos that contain instructions or an explanation of the reason. Educational content is a good way to build relationships and trust with prospective buyers.
  2. People are much more willing to watch videos on mobile devices than anywhere else. This is facilitated by social media as they are interested in posting with video content. You need to take this into account and choose the appropriate video formats, as well as provide for subtitles or explanatory captions, since often viewing on the phone takes place with the sound turned off.
  3. Naturalness attracts attention. Videos are in vogue now, which do not look lacquered and professional. Users want natural communication with brands.
  4. Microvideo is becoming the mainstream format. Short bright videos are what an Internet user is ready to watch today.
  5. Interactive video technology enables viewers to actively interact with content. A tooltip that pops up in it directs them to a specific action. After the pandemic, short interactive product advertisements with the ability to make a purchase without leaving the viewing area are replacing impulse purchases in the checkout area of  traditional stores.

Advantages of video content over other formats

Why does video work better than other content? People have been attached to him since the advent of television. Now, when the information congestion of people is great as never before, the majority of users continue to actively watch video content and spend at least two hours a day on this entertainment. This makes YouTube more popular than any social media or other site.

The obvious advantages of video content have forced the attention of marketers, who are now actively using it to promote products and services. The following are the advantages of this content format that marketing uses to solve its problems:

  • It is easier for people to look than to read, so the watchability is much higher than reading texts.
  • Internet access speed is high enough to watch high quality video on a mobile device. And the video content itself is universal for placement on popular media platforms. This makes videos ready for viewing anywhere, anytime, and for every user.
  • Social media uses video to boost their audience engagement rates and prioritizes reach over other forms of content.
  • Bright, entertaining and visual presentation of information through video contributes to the fact that the involvement of the audience in this form of communication is higher, which means that the effectiveness of targeted actions also increases.

All of the above indicates that video content has already become a new language for business interaction with its consumers. The activity of its use will only grow. More and more companies include video marketing in their promotion strategies. And your company can become one of them, because video marketing is a win-win option when used correctly.

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