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Wisconsin Parade Crash: Darrell Brooks Jr. indicted

Prosecutors say a sixth child, six died, and more charges are pending.

Wisconsin Walkisher — On Tuesday, a Wisconsin prosecutor said an SUV Christmas parade It also remained 62 people were injured Including many children.

Prosecutors say a sixth child, six died, and more charges are pending.

Darrell Brooks Jr. was charged with five intentional murders in a Sunday crash in Walkisha, a suburb of Milwaukee. Convictions for first-class intentional murder are subject to the strictest life imprisonment in Wisconsin.

Brooks first appeared in court on Tuesday. In progress, he leaned forward with his head close to his knees and heard a lawyer crying with his hands on his back.

Live stream videos of the city and videos of bystanders captured the chaotic scenes as the SUV speeded up along the parade route and into the crowd. Some of the injured remain in danger.

According to criminal accusations, witnesses “appeared to move left and right intentionally” to police, without slowing down or stopping because the vehicle attacked multiple people and flew bodies and objects. Said.

According to the criminal accusation, police officers shot the vehicle, hit it three times, and the detective stepped in front of Brooks’ vehicle, hit the hood, and shouted “stop” several times, but Brooks overtook him. According to the complaint, the detective wore a police insignia and a neon orange safety vest.

Brooks had paid $ 1,000 on bail in a case accused of deliberately beating a woman in Milwaukee County in early November. The prosecution said it was investigating the bail recommendation in that case and called it inappropriately low.

One of the pending proceedings against Brooks included allegations that he deliberately hit a woman in a car in early November after the battle. On Monday, a Milwaukee County prosecutor said he would call the bail recommendation “inappropriately low” and consider it, given the facts of the incident and the accident on Sunday.

Julius Kim, a defense lawyer and former prosecutor, said bail could easily have been set more than doubled.

“He was accused of overrunning his child’s mother, and putting it at $ 1,000 hits me low,” Kim said. “It may have been an inexperienced lawyer who happened to be considering the case that day.”

Wokisha police chief Dan Thompson said Brooks, 39, had left the scene of a domestic conflict a few minutes before he drove to the parade route.

Brooks has been charged with more than 12 crimes since 1999, and there were two unsolved cases against him during the parade disaster. This included police resistance or obstruction to the November 2 incident, reckless danger, chaotic behavior, bail jumps, and batteries.

Legal experts warned that one extreme case would not be a reason for poorer defendants to pay bail longer while waiting for trial.

John Gross, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School and director of the Public Defender Project, said:

“The district attorney’s office will look back and ask themselves,’Is this wrong?'” Gross, a law school professor. Will you get behind the car and hunt down people on the parade route? What warned you about the abilities he would have had against this type of violence? “

Some Republicans quickly jumped into the case as an example of a broken legal system.

Republican Rebecca Kleefisch, a former Lieutenant Governor running for governor in 2022, said the killings were “allowed violent career criminals to walk freely and terrorize our community. Another avoidable tragedy that happened because of it. “

Republican Rep. Cindy Dusho said he would change the Wisconsin bail process and reintroduce a constitutional amendment that would allow judges to consider the risks to the defendant’s community when setting bail. Judges are currently only allowed to consider the possibility that the defendant will not appear in court when setting bail.

“He tried to overrun his girlfriend in his car-it’s an attempted murder,” Duchow said. “If you are dangerous to society, you have to work hard to get out.”

Police chief Thompson said there was no evidence that Sunday’s bloodshed was a terrorist attack and Brooks knew someone in the parade. Brooks acted alone, the chief said.

Brooks left the scene of the domestic turmoil before the police arrived and was not chased by police at the time of the crash, according to the chief who did not reveal the details of the conflict.

NBC News has released footage of a doorbell camera that appears to have captured Brooks’ arrest. It showed Brooks quivering with his T-shirt alone, knocking on the homeowner’s door and asking for help calling for a ride. After a while, the police surrounded the house and shouted, “Raise your hand!” Brooks, standing on the balcony, raised his hand and said, “Oh, oh, oh!”

Hundreds of people gathered in a park in downtown Wisconsin on Monday night to hold a candlelight vigil in honor of the lost and injured. The pair of priests solemnly read the names of the dead. Volunteers handed out sandwiches, hot chocolate and candles at Vigil. Pagan leader And the elected official.

“We are parents. We live in the neighborhood. It hurts. We are angry. We are sad. We are confused. Thank you. We are all together. We are Walkish Strong, “said Amanda Medina Lodi, the tearful Amanda Medina Lodi of the Walkisha School District.

Mayor Shawn Riley described the parade as a “nightmare” and “Norman Rockwell-style” event.

Bauer reported from Madison, Wisconsin. The Associated Press writer Douggrass contributed from Minneapolis.

Wisconsin Parade Crash: Darrell Brooks Jr. indicted

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