Witnesses testify about the 2020 shooting

Lima — A jury trial begins Monday at the Allen County Common Pres Court for a Lima man who the prosecutor says he shot another man with his leg in a case at Harry’s Hideaway Bar in Lima two years ago. it was done.

Victims of the case ignored the subpoena issued by the prosecutor and did not appear as requested to testify to the alleged attacker. However, the man who observed the shooting at close range took the position of a witness.

Oliver Jackson, 50, is Lima’s 1452N after a leap year shooting on February 29, 2020. Arrested at a cable road bar. Stephen Sean Snyder, then 39, was shot in the leg and taken to a local hospital to treat his life-threatening injury as a result of the incident. He reportedly fled the area.

The first witness to the state was Michael Needs. He testified that he had been in a week-long dispute with Jackson since the weekend before Jackson was allegedly sexually advancing to Nice’s wife.

On the night of the shoot, Jackson was at Lombardo’s cafe on North Main Street in Lima, Nice was at Harry’s Hideaway, and the text message between the two began to heat up. As the debate escalated, Jackson said he would come to Harry’s to bring the controversy to mind, Nice testified.

“I thought he was coming to fight me,” he told the jury. “At the bar, he (Jackson) came in, waved at me and came back. I chased him with Sean (Snyder). He (Jackson) was in his car. I kept walking towards, and Sean and I stopped for a moment. I thought he had a gun. “

Nice said Jackson got into his car, backed it up, and angled it a bit so that the driver’s side was facing the two men.

“At that point Sean called him a bitch and Oliver shot him,” Nice said.

The jury watched a surveillance video that appeared to confirm Nice’s testimony and saw Snyder falling to the ground near a vehicle identified as Jackson’s.

Nice said Snyder had escaped from the scene before police arrived because he had an arrest warrant.

Under a cross-examination by defense lawyer Thomas Lucente, Nice said he knew Jackson “because he bought cocaine from him a few years ago.” Nice later said he had quit his drug habit, but admitted that he had “a row of coke in the bathroom” at Harry’s before the shooting.

“Did you think you would be shot?” Lucente asked Nice.

“Yes,” the man replied. “This is very sad. The two (Jackson and Snyder) were my friends.”

He said Jackson’s apology for moving forward towards his wife “would have made this all smooth.”

Jackson was charged by a grand jury with three violent assaults, two felony charges, each including specifications for the use of firearms. He was also charged with three felony charges of possessing a weapon with a disability.

On February 25, 2021, Snyder filed a civil suit against Jackson and Harry’s Hideaway owner Harry Harskid, and suffered “pain and pain” and “permanent personal injury” damages as a result of the shooting. I asked for $ 25,000 in compensation.

Jackson’s trial will resume on Tuesday at Allen County Common Pleiacourt.

Logan Patton, a patrolman at the Lima Police Department, has stockings similar to those seen in a video worn by Oliver Jackson just before the shooting at the Harry’s Hideaway parking lot by Assistant Kyle Sins, an Allen County prosecutor. I’m showing a bag with a hat. That night, I found a hat in the car that Jackson was driving.

Testimony began Monday in the trial of Oliver Jackson, who was charged with three violent assaults related to the shooting at the Harry’s Hideaway Bar parking lot in Lima on February 29, 2020.

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Witnesses testify about the 2020 shooting

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