Women’s Basketball: Colombus Gloves put pressure on them to win 3 points

Bluffton-Columbus Grove has removed pages from the old playbook.

It came down to pressure defense and a three-point knockdown.

Columbus Grove scored 11 3 points by defeating Arlington in 69-30 women’s basketball at the Division IV Women’s Basketball Division Championships at Bluffton University’s Summer Center on Saturday.

Grove freshman Lauren Auchmuty scored 22 points and hit five 3 points.

Globe’s Senior Kenzi King had 19 points and 5 3 points.

Both Jaylen Sautter and Savannah Ridenour scored 9 points.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to win a divisional title in four years and play with these teammates and coaches,” King said.

Columbus Grove (16-6) will advance to the district semifinals against the Bluffton / Calida winner at Van Wart on Tuesday at 5:30 pm.

Arlington concludes Season 8-14.

Brooklyn Smith paced Arlington with 12 points.

Globe pressure man defense and man press were forced into 28 Arlington turnovers, including 14 in the first quarter.

Globe led 20-4 after the first quarter and 41-15 in half.

Columbus Grove’s one-on-one defense made Arlington turn over seven turns in the first few minutes.

It was converted to a quick 9-0 lead.

The bulldog quickly pushed the margin up to 15-0, leaving 2:15 in the first quarter.

“We were defensively in tune,” said Brian Schroeder, coach at Columbus Grove. “We wanted to welcome them on a full court and take advantage of our speed. Sage Clement is a little gloomy hero, but in every game we put her on the point guard of other teams. , She sets the tone for our full coat guy. “

Globe led Arlington 20-4 after the first quarter, driving Arlington into a 14-turnover.

“We are really trying to emphasize defense,” King said. “We felt out and executed. We gave everything that all eight girls have. We really emphasize transitional attacks and offensive defenses.”

Aggressively, Globe hit an outside shot across the packed Red Devil’s 2-3 zone.

Auchmuty started the game with 3 pointers. Both King and Colin Halker sank three in the opening quarter.

Schroeder said the Bluffton University gym could cause shooting problems because the walls are farther from the basket than most high schools.

“We shot well early on and the defense was in good shape,” Schroeder said. “Many shots are confident, and when you see the ball go through the hoop, it not only gives you confidence, but also your teammates, and you don’t think about them.”

King said: I knew I could win this game by turning off the lights. “

Grove also used Manpress to stop turnovers and convert them into transition baskets or three pointers.

Globe led 41-15 in half, forcing Arlington into a turnover in the first half of 21.

“We are proud of our defense,” Schroeder said. “We’re not a tall team and we’re a little undersized, so that’s what we have to do.”

King had 13 points in half with 3 3 points. Auchmuty had 10 points in half.

Auchmuty hit four out of five three points in the second half. She was five out of nine at three points and forced Arlington to abolish King’s Box and One Defense.

“Lauren’s ability to attack these three has removed them from those three (junk defense),” Schroeder said.

King said: If the other team focuses a little on me, Lauren will step up and the other girls will step up too. “

Calida 35, Fort Jennings 15

Bluffton-Carida jumped to a 16-0 lead and defeated Fort Jennings in the section opener.

Karida (12-11) advances to meet Bluffton at 7 pm on Monday in a divisional title game at Bluffton University.

Karida led 12-0 after the first quarter and halved 19-4.

Whitney Unverferth led Kalida by scoring 9 points with 3 3 points. Libya Wrecker scored 7 points.

Carley Von Sossan scored 7 points against Fort Jennings (2-19).

Karida struggled to hit outside shots for most of the game, but relied heavily on one-on-one defense.

Karida forced a turnover of 23 Fort Jennings.

“We can see how we go through the stretches that we are struggling to make shots,” said Adam Huber, director of Calida. “We look better, but we can’t always put them in. But our defense keeps us in the game. We defend like crazy.”

Columbus Grove’s Jaylensatter shot against Arlington’s Adriana Agapion during Saturday’s Division IV Section Finals at Bluffton University.

Columbus Grove’s Savannah Redenor will pass off the floor against Arlington’s Kylie Joriff during Saturday’s Division IV Section Semifinals at Bluffton University.

Fort Jennings’ Maggie Posast shot against Karida’s Brooke Arhart in Saturday’s Division IV semifinals at Bluffton University.

Fort Jennings’ Curly von Sossan will attempt a shot against Carida’s Camille Hovest in Saturday’s Division IV section semifinals at Bluffton University.

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Women’s Basketball: Colombus Gloves put pressure on them to win 3 points

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