Women’s Soccer: Ottoville slips through Karida

Karida — Ottoville has ended a 14-year losing drought to Karida, and it’s a better time as Big Green beat their Patnam County rivals 1-0 in the Division III section final on Tuesday night. I couldn’t come.

The victory will improve Ottoville to 8-8-2 and will face the Fort Jennings / Lima Central Catholic winner in Ottoville on October 26th at 7pm. Karida finished the season with a record of 9-5-1.

“It’s exciting. It’s huge,” said Doug German, head coach of Ottoville. “Number. 1 We have never defeated Calida. I have never defeated Calida. No one in my heart has defeated Calida because none of these girls have defeated Calida. Never defeated. Defeating them in a tournament is a big deal. The Karida girl never stopped, and we sneaked one early on to defend the rest of the game. Great for my girl and for my assistant coach.

Ottoville’s only score is off the feet of Aly Saxton, who was recently named PCL Player of the Year. Saxton’s goal was at 28:23 in the second half, when a talented big green forward dribbled past a defender, moved to the left, found an angle and beat Wildcat goalkeeper Cassidy Hypshire. Dodged and scored a goal.

Before the score, Ottoville showed an aggressive surge at the end of the first half, but couldn’t find the back of the net. Karida dominated the possession time in the first half and tried to score.

After scoring Ottoville, the Germans chose to pack it on his side of the score to prevent Karida’s goal, and it was the last 27 for fans, especially Ottoville keeper Madison Holsten, as at the beginning of the game. I found myself tense for a minute, withstood the constant pressure of Ottoville.

“Our attack had so many opportunities in the first half,” said the Germans. “We couldn’t sneak in just one. No matter what we did, they were always there to stop us. Obviously we put in one. We avoided their sweepers and then apparently stopped and headed for victory. “

Holsten made two big saves in the last 25 minutes and peaked in the last 2 minutes. Karida’s corner kick gave almost a score when Wildcat’s header exceeded the goal.

The Germans admitted that his team hated play that hindered type defense, but it proved to be effective.

“It may look easy in the field, but it’s tough as junk,” the German said. “You have 11 girls, all they want to do is score, no midcourt in the past. It’s tough as junk. They’re happy now and their adrenaline is flowing, but they Will tell you it’s tough as junk. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. “

Ottoville players celebrate their victory at Calida on Tuesday night. See more pictures of girls’ football on

During the match in Calida on Tuesday night, Calida’s Allie Stechschulte (left) and Ottoville’s Jessa Burgei will compete for the ball.

Ottoville’s Ali Saxton takes a kick with Karida’s Ali Stekschulte during a match at Karida on Tuesday night.

Ottoville’s Morgan Holsten defends against Alex Gardner of Calida during a match at Calida on Tuesday night.

Ottoville’s Ally Saxton (right) and Becca Turnwald celebrate by scoring a goal during the match at Karida on Tuesday night.

A single goal enough for the big green to move forward

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Women’s Soccer: Ottoville slips through Karida

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