Work continues to honor the victims of Anthony Sowell

Cleveland (WJW) -You may be surprised at what Team I found following the sudden death of a Cleveland serial killer. Anthony Sowell..

Some families of the victims feel fooled because they do not see him executed. Still, his lawyers even suggest that Sowell deserves some honor now that he has died.

Sowell killed 11 women, Including Tonia Carmichael.

“He needs to be forgotten. Women, my mother, and other women, they need to remember,” said Tonia’s daughter, Donita Carmichael.

On Monday, Sowell died in a condemned prison cell from what the prison system called terminal illness.

The incident began in 2009, with bodies found in and around his home on the eastern side of Cleveland. It revealed a failure of the system for investigating the missing person and the rape case.

Donnita Carmichael said he wanted to see the execution. She also said that while no one remembers the murderer, she wants no one to forget what went wrong.

“I always want to see the changes and processes so that this never happens to the other 11 families,” she said.

Defendant lawyer Rufus Sims represents Sowell, who is still looking for a convicted murderer.

“The people we hate the most deserve the most representatives,” Sims said.

He suggested that Sowell was in the military and could even be worth flagging in the casket.

“It’s another slap on the face,” said Donita Carmichael.

On the night of the incident, police first found the body of one person and soon realized that he might be dealing with a serial killer. Sowell was finally arrested on Halloween 2009.

“The Mount Pleasant Ministry Alliance has walked with these families,” said Rev. Jimmy Gates. “You can’t go into the house and lock the doors, pull the shade, or turn off the lights as if things weren’t happening. What’s happening in our community You have to recognize that. “

Kaiyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley issued a statement:

“My thoughts and prayers at this point are with the family and friends of the victims of this monster. This community will never fully recover from the horrors that occurred on Imperial Avenue. My hope is law. Enforcement and the criminal justice system have learned from the mistakes that have allowed this demonic predator to remain undetected for a long time. “

Meanwhile, work is underway to build a park to honor the victims who once lived on Imperial Avenue.

The project has been discussed for years, but has been stalled due to funding and other issues. But now, Western Reserve Land Conservancy and LAND Studio have drawings, plans and funding. Conservancy said the project will cost about $ 300,000. The organizer has about $ 250,000 and continues to raise money. The project should be completed by this fall.

Sowell died while the appeal was still pending. I don’t know how long the court battle lasted to keep him alive.

Work continues to honor the victims of Anthony Sowell

Source link Work continues to honor the victims of Anthony Sowell

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