Would you like to expose it all for summer fashion?

Dear Answer AngelEllen: Recently, I received an email from a company (Gap) that bought jeans and casual wear many times under the heading “This bra = your summer top”. So I clicked on it and found the “ribbed bralet” that the ad was proud of. “You made it your favorite crop top ever” (, for $ 24.99). Her model looks great, but she looks like she’s only wearing jeans and a bra. Is it okay for her to actually wear underwear on the street if she is well-shaped?

— Megan L

Dear Megan: Uh … I personally don’t, but it’s me. The look you’re talking about is very popular this summer. These bra-like tops can be found at prices as low as $ 3.99 and as high as four digits. Many women (not just the United States) are showing a lot of skin, maybe because COVID-19 locked us in our house, or because the weather changed from cool to hot. .. It doesn’t always have a good skin tone, but it still shows it. I’ve seen this style of exposing this midriff on the streets of Dublin, Berlin and Paris. In some cases, especially in Dublin, women leave nothing in their imagination. The bike shorts were so tight, clear from the back and front, and the woman wasn’t wearing any underwear. And some tops were almost transparent. I avoid them. Otherwise, look at yourself 360 degrees longer in the mirror in the style of hugging these figures before withdrawing your credit card.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Last year I bought a leather sofa. The surface is very slippery, so if you put a cushion on it, it will slide flat even if it’s not completely off the sofa. I took a nap once, but it slipped too much. How can I improve slipperiness without damaging the leather?

— Claire D.

Dear Claire: Proceed carefully! That sofa is an investment you don’t want to casually mess with. Many people have the same slippery problem. I read how-to instructions for removing waxy finishes containing rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and neatsfoot oil ( You can also find a lot of advice on YouTube. But I wouldn’t try it unless I get approval from the sofa manufacturer and other leather experts and test the method in a place where no one knows if the project will be a disaster. Meanwhile, your pillow is slippery because it’s filled with foam (and maybe the bricks are hard and not that comfortable?). Try feathers or feather / down inserts that make your pillow squishy. Reader: If you have solutions that worked for you, please send them together.

Angelic reader

Michelle S. has made some suggestions to Elizabeth B. Elizabeth B. asked how much she could spend on her wedding gift without looking cheesy, after already paying a lot of money to attend the wedding at her destination. com) or other craftsman? There are many options at the craft fair. Also, look for interesting things that can be used up as well as collected … there’s enough junk. “

Leader Land

Mike R. writes: I think society would be better served if most men did not cover their anatomy more and less. Perhaps because they couldn’t find a clean one, some guys appear in the media without socks, and suddenly all of us are considered up-to-date unless we wear socks. Cannot be. It’s nuts! “

Bra-like crop tops are very popular this summer, says Answer Angel Ellen Warren.

Would you like to expose it all for summer fashion?

Source link Would you like to expose it all for summer fashion?

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