Zoom boom: COVID leads to a surge in plastic surgery

Surgeons are in high demand for cosmetic surgery, as so many people focus on their faces with zoom calls all day long.

Olmsted Falls, Ohio — Cameras are said to never lie. As a result, many people spend their days on zoom calls. Coronavirus pandemic, Some people want it.

In fact, COVID-19 has resulted in a significant increase in the number of people undergoing plastic surgery, a phenomenon called the zoom boom.

Dr. Michael Wojtanowski Ohio Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery.. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said in his 40 years of work.

Surgeons like Wojtanowski say that cosmetic surgery has increased by 60% since the pandemic began, much of it on the face.

“It takes five minutes to get ready for the morning and look in the mirror, but sitting in the zoom takes a long time,” says Wojtanowski. “So when people start to notice a lot of things about their faces that they didn’t really notice before.”

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And since you only see your forehead and eyes, the mask only exacerbates the problem.

Owned by Page Wade Olmsted Falls Labranca Bridal.. When her store saved time and contacted customers, she spent time getting three different eye treatments with Dr. Wojtanowski for $ 13,000.

“Especially when they can’t see my smile, they may hear it in my voice, but when they can only see my eyes, it’s me It needs to reflect who it really is, not this moody angry person who has a visible eye, “she said.

Wade said he had to cancel the cruise because of a pandemic and instead spent money on her surgery. She recovered just in time for her friend’s wedding.

“I look at her wedding photos and don’t look angry. I look happy,” Wade said. “I look like a former person.”

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The zoom boom also had the opposite effect on procedures involving other parts of the body. Wojtanowski actually had abdominoplasty and liposuction at the beginning of the pandemic I declined. However, he is currently seeing a rise in these steps, as so many people are stuffing pounds alone.

Dental treatment is also increasing.Dr. Chris Theodore Strongsville Dental and Laser Aesthetics I’ve seen patients spend thousands of dollars on veneers, whitening, and even new dentures. There are two main reasons for him.

It’s easy at first. “Everyone was trapped, so people really wanted to do something to make them feel better,” says Theodore. “Because we’re trying to face it, it makes us feel good when we do something that improves our appearance in some way.”

The other major result of the pandemic is bruxism, says Theodore. “”[We] I’ve seen many people break their teeth, “he says.

Both doctors say they expect the boom to continue as Zoom is likely to stay here.

“I was 55 and I felt like I was looking for 80. That was horrifying,” Wade said. “Looking at the photos before and after me makes me feel very good.”

Zoom boom: COVID leads to a surge in plastic surgery

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