10 Things you should do before hiring a moving company


 You must have decided to move, well you might be curious and concerned about what moving company to go with. However, you might be uncertain about hiring a mover or doing the moving in some cases. Sometimes, you might be sure of hiring a mover, but you are not confident of getting a professional and reputable mover.

Below are the key things you should consider before hiring a moving company.

 1. Be sure you need a mover

It is critical to comprehend why you require a mover; before determining why you need a mover, it is prudent to assess the kind of your properties and the volume of your load. As a result, make sure you don’t engage a mover just because you want to.

If you have a lot of load and sensitive objects to move after a thorough inspection, you may need the help of a moving company. Furthermore, if most of your shipment consists of really fragile things, you should hire a moving company to transport them. 

  1. Check their reputation, reviews, and experience

It should be the first thing any mover should do before hiring a moving company; this is very important because you need to know previous users or customers after using their service.

During your research, ensure you focus only on the ability of the moving company to satisfy customers’ needs without any complaint. Choosing the lowest moving company can be pretty costly and unsatisfactory. You can, however, look at prior customers’ reviews on their websites and social media platforms; a negative comment can be a significant red signal, so pay heed to such statements.

 Last but not least, horizon movers is a fantastic moving business to consider as they are the leading davenport moving company and surrounding areas. They have a competent team of movers who are eager to go above and beyond to meet the needs of each client. 

  1. License and Insurance

These two aspects are fundamental; thus, check the license status of a moving business and the availability of their insurance policy before hiring them. 

With an insurance policy, you can rest assured that any damage, theft, or accident during the moving process will be covered. In addition, you may utilize insurance as one of the critical variables to screen out many potential moving firms; no question, if you follow this guideline, you will get good value for your money. 

  1. Ask Questions Continuously

You don’t have to be shy to ask questions for clarity purposes; if you are unclear and uncertain about something, it is your right to question the moving company.

A good professional company will never be weary of all your questions. You can have an idea of their customer service relations when you ask these questions continuously. 

  1. Don’t rely on a moving company

Moving companies are not God; therefore, they can disappoint you at any time. To prevent disappointment, you should plan by having an additional list of moving companies; a list of moving companies gives you an idea of what fee you are likely to pay.

  1. Red Flags/ Signs

Red flags are signs you need to be very careful and wary of; this sign needs to be dealt with carefully; below are some red flags you need to be cautious of when selecting a moving company.

Bad Reviews

You may find a list of a recruiting firm’s reviews on their various websites; if a company has a few negative reviews, you should be cautious in making your pick to avoid disappointment.

Very low Fee Estimates

A moving company with a charge quote significantly lower than the industry average is a major red flag you should be aware of. Once your belongings are in their possession, most moving companies in this category raise their moving fees. Scammers, thieves, and impersonators are the majority of moving companies in this category. 

  1. Evaluate their BBB Rating

BBB rating is one of the possible ways to filter a reliable and reputable moving company. The BBB results show how a moving company could handle disputes with customers in the past. A rating below A means you need to be cautious. 

  1. Get the Ideal average cost of hiring a mover

When arranging a move, it’s always best to stick to your budget; you may get an idea of what to expect by looking at the websites of several moving firms or asking former customers about their experiences with the moving company you’re considering.

Because moving is not a day job, you must be financially prepared for the challenges and financial commitments that lie ahead.

  1. Compare the cost of moving estimates

When considering whether or not to move, it is sensible to set a budget and stick to it; one method to work with your budget estimate is to compare each potential moving company; with this information, you can weigh your options. 

  1. Where is the official location of the Moving company, and what is the size of their Staff?

Knowing the location of a moving company puts your mind at rest; in case of any unforeseen occurrence, ensure you also consider the size of their workforce or personnel. Ensure they have a proactive, interactive, and well-experienced customer relationship management team.


So with these tips on finding a moving company, you will be able to make the moving process far less stressful. So where will you be moving to?


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