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20 Texas Roadhouse restaurants participate in tornado recovery fundraiser

Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) – Eating for a good cause – that’s what people are doing Tuesday at Texas Roadhouse restaurants across the state.

Fundraisers are being held at 20 locations for those affected by the tornadoes that devastated India's lake communities this month.

Employees said they have been waiting ever since the store opened. 100% of profits earned here and elsewhere will go to the Tornado Relief Fund.

The storm occurred on March 14, killing three people and leaving many more without homes or jobs.

Employees said their phones have been ringing all day from interested people. Includes dine-in and take-out orders.

“Some people think, 'I probably only have $30 or $40, so donating that to the fund won't have the biggest impact. But if you can just come and eat,' , you don't have to do anything extra, just like at work. We do everything else. We take all of those percentages and donate them right away, ”Hilliard Roman said. said Shelby Jones, store marketing manager for Texas Roadhouse on Road. “So we just want to make it easier so that everyone can contribute to the community and help the community as a whole.”

Jones said visitors should check the mobile app to see wait times and add their names to the list before coming. The fundraiser will run until 10pm Tuesday night.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/20-texas-roadhouse-restaurants-participate-in-tornado-recovery-fundraiser/ 20 Texas Roadhouse restaurants participate in tornado recovery fundraiser

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