3 Major Warning Signs of Damaged Tires

Every year, around 80,000 crashes happen due to damaged tires. Often the car doesn’t detect that there’s an issue and neither does a driver until it’s far too late.

That’s why it’s important to be actively mindful of your tires and look for signs that they’re damaged rather than wait for the worst to happen.

Here are three major signs you have damaged tires and need to get new ones right away.

  1. Low Tire Tread

If you’re asking yourself, “do I need new tires?” then one of the first things you should do is step out of the car and take a look at them.

One sign you have damaged or old tires is low tread. This means the grooves and bumps around the outside of the tire that give you a good grip on the road. Low tread can be dangerous as it affects your control of the car.

It could be caused by many things, from the tires simply being old and worn down to some damage you hadn’t noticed.

If you think you might have low tire tread, speak to a professional like Ozzytyres.com.au.

  1. Cracked Tires

When inspecting your tires, you should look for cracks and damage. You might see small holes or obvious wear around the edges.

This may not have affected your driving yet, but it puts you at increased risk for a blowout. These cracks and holes can add up over time and create a huge risk when driving on the road.

Hitting potholes and other road bumps can cause this sort of damage.

Don’t give it time to add up and get your tires checked out and replaced if need be. Your tire may also be leaking if you can see cracks and holes in it, which is another big problem.

  1. Vibration

As you’ve likely noticed, there are points when driving when all cars vibrate. Rough roads and bumps can cause the car to shake, and that’s pretty normal.

If there’s excessive vibration, however, or your car is trembling on a smooth road and you’re not sure why, there could be a problem with the alignment or suspension. Either way, something is wrong around the tires, and leaving the problem alone puts you at increased risk for an accident.

Ultimately, you have to exercise good judgment and what feels normal for your car to know if something is wrong. When in doubt, however, it never hurts to get a professional opinion.

Damaged Tires Are Dangerous

Too often, we delay getting our cars repaired or even acknowledging that there’s a problem. Damaged tires, however, can be extremely dangerous and put you at huge risk for an accident.

Even if you’re not sure if something is normal for your car but have a suspicion it’s not, see a trusted professional who can diagnose the issue and inform you of your best options.

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