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4 Things to Do Before Selling Your Used MacBook Pro

Here are the things to do beforehand to sell your preowned MacBook Pro.

Are you looking to sell your pre-owned MacBook Pro for cash? Before you do, it is essential to get your laptop ready for the next owner. Preparation includes:

  • Creating a backup of your files.
  • Signing out of linked accounts, unpairing Bluetooth devices, and,
  • Factory resetting your computer.

This post will walk readers through each of these steps to help them resell or trade-in your MacBook Pro efficiently.

1. Create a Backup

Before you can sell MacBook Pro, create a backup for your data, including photos, videos, documents, passwords, etc. Basically, save every file you might need in the future. It is important to do that before formatting your Mac’s storage. Otherwise, you will lose all data.

There are several options to create a backup. For example, you can use the Time Machine feature built-in on your MacBook. Or, you can also resort to a cloud service like iCloud or even use an external hard drive to transfer heavier files.

2. Sign Out All Your Accounts

This step is crucial. Prior to reselling your used MacBook Pro, you must sign out of your accounts: iCloud, iTunes, and iMessage. First, you don’t want anyone to have access to your information. But also, if you initiate a reset while your Mac is still linked to an iCloud account, the new owner will not be able to access the computer.


So, to sign out of your iCloud account, click on Apple Menu > System Preferences > Apple ID. Afterward, select iCloud and Turn Off Find my Mac. Lastly, hover over the Overview option and click Sign Out.


Follow this string to sign out of your iTunes account:

Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer. Now, you no longer share your iTunes access with this computer.


To sign out of iMessage, go to the iMessage application > Select Messages > Preferences. Finally, click on iMessage and sign out.

 3. Unpair Bluetooh Devices

If you have paired your MacBook Pro with Bluetooth devices like Airpods, speakers, a wireless mouse, it is better to disconnect them, especially if you intend to keep those accessories.

To do that, select Apple Menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth. Then click on the X button next to the device you want to remove.

 4. Factory Reset your MacBook and Reinstall macOS

Now that you have created your backup, signed out of all accounts, and unpaired any Bluetooth devices, it is time to factory reset your MacBook Pro. This step will wipe all the information and software currently stored or installed on the laptop.

To factory reset your MacBook Pro, do the following:

  1. Reboot the computer, then press and hold Command+R keys together when the system comes back up.
  2. Once the Apple logo comes up, release both keys.
  3. Select Disk Utility in the Recovery Mode menu, choose the startup disk Macintosh HD and click Erase.
  4. In a pop-up window, select macOS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase again.
  5. Close the Disk Utility window to go back to the macOS Utilities menu. Then click on Reinstall macOS.
  6. Select the disc you want to install the software on, and once the process is completed, which may take up to 20 minutes, the system will restart.

You can leave things as-is from here: there may be no need to set up macOS, letting the new owner configure the device to their liking.

Where To Sell A MacBook Pro?

Lucky for resellers, there is more than one platform for selling pre-owned technology available at their disposal. For example, you can put your Mac up for sale on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. (Or should we say Meta?) Alternatively, sellers can use an online buyback platform to avoid dealing with the tedious listing process.

If you choose eBay, prepare to wait a considerable amount of time before your Apple MacBook Pro sells. Granted, your patience may be rewarded with a few extra bucks. However, if you want to get rid of the laptop quickly, a buyback website is a much better choice. Besides, it costs nothing to use their services.

Lastly, if you want to upgrade to a newer MacBook laptop, the Apple Trade-In program is your best bet. You can calculate the trade-in offer as you buy the new one online. But keep in mind that if your Mac is an older model or does not work well, you will not be given credit for it.

In Conclusion

It has never been easier to sell a used MacBook Pro for money. But regardless of the platform you choose, be sure to sign out of your iCloud account and reset macOS. And if you want a speedy sale and a fast payout, look into a Gadget Salvation online buyback site. They offer instant valuations and several instant electronic forms of payments to choose from. But in either case, do your research and get at least a few offers before you pick the best one for you.


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