5 Casino Games To Play With Your Friends

Playing casino games is a great way to bring friends together, to introduce people into the world of gambling, and to have a fun time while playing with a bit of chance. Below we have 5 of the best games to play with friends!

1.   Poker

Poker is such a popular game that many people don’t consider themselves gamblers when they sit down around with their friends playing it. Of course, you have to see if you live in a state where online casinos are illegal or not before you begin these games. If you are in states where online casinos are legal, you can carry on with your fantasy that poker is just a normal card game.

Poker is a game of competitive fun. You pluff, you count, and you hope that your cards are better than anyone else’s at the table.

It is easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master, so you can play this game with your friends for years before you get bored.

2.   Bingo

Once upon a time, bingo was considered an older woman’s game, but in the last decade, a new wave of interest has come from Gen Z er’s and Millennials alike. Bingo Clubs have emerged with flashing lights, outrageous prizes, and drinks aplenty.

This means you can chat and sing and laugh with your friends as you search for the numbers on your bingo card.

Playing online is just as fun, as you can do all of this while in your home playing the music you want and laughing with your friends as they incorrectly call BINGO!

3.   Roulette

Roulette has been a popular game ever since the 1700s. The popularity has started to dim, but that’s only because other games have climbed up in interest. Still, roulette is still a fantastic game to play with friends.

The game is simple, and you have little to no control over the outcome. It is a pure luck game that will give you a 50/50 chance of winning. You can play with your friends and use Roulette to make them drink, mix in a dare, or simply to watch something move as you chat with your mates.

4.   Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that most people don’t know, but it’s a great one to play with friends as it was specifically designed for social people.

You can have anywhere between 7 and 14 players at a time, and you don’t need to concentrate on complex strategy, which means you can chat without worry.

Another reason why this game is great is because it has one of the lowest house edges in any casino, meaning you are more likely to win than lose.

In fact, many brick-and-mortar casinos have reported Baccarat to become more popular than poker or blackjack!

5.   Craps

Following the idea of fun over strategy, craps is another game designed for a party of fun gamblers who don’t want to think hard. All you have to do is bet on the player to pass the line or for them to not pass the line.

If you bet for them to pass the line, then you want the player (or the person who rolled the dice) to get the numbers they hoped for. If you bet for them not to pass the line, then you want the player not to get the numbers they hoped for.

The best bet is to go against the player, as you are basically betting on the house. And as the saying goes, the house always wins.

That being said, when you’re playing with friends, you can change up the rules and bet for each “team” to win instead!


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