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5 Most Popular Race Tracks Every Horse Racing Fan Should Visit

Horses have been helping human beings for the longest time, offering transportation solutions for both goods and people. The tradition of this bond is as old as time. Horse racing dates back centuries and has been a celebration of the union between men and horses for the longest time. A bond of mutual respect has been created between the species, and jockeys and horse trainers continue to fuel this relationship. Within the United States, horse racing is a very popular source of betting, rivalry, and even livelihood for many. Regular attendees and people who are new to horse racing are recommended to visit some of the most iconic tracks to appreciate the history of the sport. These are the 5 most popular racetracks that every horse racing fan should visit in order to get a greater understanding of the culture and icons throughout the history of  horse racing  in the US. If you are planning a trip to any of the states below, make sure to pay the racecourse a visit to learn a little more about its origins and previous champions. 

Kentucky Downs 

First is the Kentucky Downs track, which came to light in the 1990s. Iconically known as the home of traditional horse racing, Kentucky Downs is known for its asymmetrical shape that allows for heated competition, including sharp corners. With a large following, this track is definitely worth a visit due to the large crowds that it attracts from around the local area and even further afield. Across the country, horse racing fans enjoy the feeling of connecting to history and engaging in the sport. 


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Pimlico racecourse is most well-known for hosting the second leg of the Triple Crown rounds. This venue is definitely a part of horse racing history, being constructed in 1870. The unique name is believed to have originated from English settlers during the sixteenth century, and it’s definitely worth learning more about this famous track. Holding tens of thousands of spectators, Pimlico has hosted its fair share of significant championship events, as well as non-racing events including several festivals throughout the years. 

Gulfstream Park 

First opening in 1939, Gulfstream Park can be found in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and has been known for its immense size, capacity, and casino base. Because of its current dual-purpose, Gulfstream Park regularly hosts some of the richest annual events in North America. Supporting live racing events throughout most of the year, the venue is a hub of betting activity and horse racing alike. Visiting this venue would be perfect for those who enjoy a varied gambling experience. It’s one of the betting capitals of America, and it’s easy to see why. 

Belmont Park

Another valuable part is played in the Triple Crown by Belmont Park tracks. The final leg of the competition is located in Elmont, New York, and is known for having one of the largest courses. With the main dry track nicknamed “the big Sandy”, one of the reasons why this is the venue of choice for the finals is the 1.5-mile circumference. This is also known to be the “test of the champion” because it really highlights any weaknesses of contenders. Stamina, speed, and strength are all important factors that trainers work on and aspire towards a place on the podium. 


Finally, the Saratoga racecourse is another vital part of horse racing history because the venue opened in 1863. The New York venue is widely considered one of the oldest racetracks in the US. With a turf and dirt track, Saratoga is highly versatile. Famous nicknames include the “graveyard of champions”, and “horse heaven”, because of the immense number of iconic racers that faced their downfall within this course. This legend offers eerie feelings, and horse race owners are recommended to visit this site, in particular, to see if they get negative feelings when they are there. 

To summarize, there are so many horse racing venues that fans can visit to learn more about the rich history and traditions of the sport. It’s no wonder why so many people think very highly of horse racing and have immense levels of respect for breeders, trainers, and jockeys alike. Betting on race horses is a tradition dating back almost as long as the sport itself, which is why so many venues have developed their own sites in order to cater for this. Whether you enjoy the high stakes of iconic racing events, or if you are simply a keen follower of races, it’s definitely worth finding a racecourse that is relatively close to you. Some larger venues even feature visitor information and museums about the history, so you could even plan a day trip with other keen fans. Always bet responsibly. 

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