$5,000 reward for investigating local cat shot to death

WAKEMAN, Ohio (WJW) — An animal rescue organization is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for shooting and seriously injuring a cat with a shotgun. . Fox 8 I-TEAM has reported.

Friends of Alley Cat is offering a reward and said a cat named George was found injured in the accident. Lorain County Saturday in Wakeman Village.

“Alley Cat Allies is seeking justice for the cat shooting victim George, and we are working to protect more cats in our community from unimaginable cruelty.” said Colin Julian, director of communications at Arise.

“The well-known link between animal abuse and violence against humans also contributes to the seriousness of this crime, which should be taken very seriously and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Yes,” she added.

George, a 3-year-old community cat — an orphaned cat who lives outdoors — walked to his caregiver in Wakeman on Saturday morning, according to the rescue group. George's left hind leg was dangling behind him and he was examined by a veterinarian.

Examination revealed that George had sustained a shotgun wound, with a shattered leg found in a shattered leg, the rescue organization said in a press release.

“The injury is so severe that George's injured leg will have to be surgically amputated,” the release further stated.

Alley Cat Allies is paying for George's surgery and ongoing treatment.

“For George and the entire community, we are working with Alley Cat Allies to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous act,” said Greg Willey, executive director of Friendship APL in Illyria. “There is,” he said. “We are appealing to anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward to assist with the ongoing investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Friendship Animal Protection League (APL) Humane Investigation Hotline at (440) 322-4321 x 225.

https://fox8.com/news/5000-reward-in-investgation-of-local-cat-shot-with-shotgun/ $5,000 reward for investigating local cat shot to death

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