6 Components of Ecommerce Website Design You Should Be Aware Of

Today, we will discuss how an online store’s website should be designed. It’s not only about aesthetics; it’s also about how design can encourage customers to place orders and make it easier for them to locate the website.

Designing an internet store should follow certain basic guidelines

  1. The visitor’s convenience. How much will a person spend if he visits a site that is. inconvenient? The current trend is UX/UI design, which was designed with the goal of making the client’s life simpler and seamlessly leading him to the most crucial thing – a purchase or other target action (leave contact details, register, and so on).

To do this, the designer must consider every last detail: a clear menu, useful product categories, unbroken connections, a visible basket, and colorful order buttons. Everything should be logical and sequential, so that the user does not scurry about the site like a scared squirrel, but instead navigates through the pages and ultimately arrives at the main one.

For instance, from the navigation to the product card, then to the basket, and finally back to the site. All of this should feel as natural as possible to the user and should not provide any difficulties. To do this, maps of routes around the location are produced, several possibilities are tried, and the most optimum option is chosen.

  1. Beauty and gravitas. For a long time, flashy colors, flowery fonts, and thick space have been out of style; new websites are sophisticated and beautiful. Sites that sell have a lot of white space, no more than three colors per page, clean tones and shades of color, basic clear typefaces, and easy typography. This is required so that the consumer can see the forest for the trees and not get lost in the showy design.
  2. Style in the traditional sense. Developing an identity (corporate style) is essential if you want to stand out from your competition. As a result, you will stand out among the sea of online retailers, and the user will remember you. A trademark, logo, slogan, and corporate typefaces are all examples of corporate identity.
  3. Photographs were taken by professionals. If you own an online business selling your own items and commodities, there’s no need to think twice: conduct a subject survey and use the results in the future. But what if we’re talking about a big store that sells a variety of brands?

It’s obvious that a picture shoot won’t suffice: you’ll need to contact manufacturers and suppliers and request that they supply high-resolution images of the products. In no instance should you use stock photographs; visitors are wary of them. What you require are live visuals that reflect the essence of the product.

  1. Reading sheets of text is not appealing to the user. An internet store isn’t the same as a news site or a bookstore. An internet store isn’t the same as a news site or a bookstore. All he wants is to calmly select and purchase a thing. As a result, all that is feasible must be simplified. To accomplish this, symbols and graphics are prominently included in the online store’s design, effectively replacing words. Instead of repeatedly stating that this product may be shared on social media, it is preferable to just screw on the icons of these same social media platforms.

Use the magnifying glass icon instead of instructions on how to expand the image for a more detailed look. Draw an identifiable basket instead of the term “basket” – believe us, this will be enough.

  1. Chips are intriguing. Web design, like any other field, is advancing at a breakneck pace. Various effects will be trendy in 2022. They’re most commonly seen on websites and landing pages, but who says online retailers have to be left out?

Use animation – moving components, the effect of 3D images, gradients of all hues, shadows to provide volume, the parallax effect – when photos on the site “life” as if in two dimensions and move at different speeds, and others.

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