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9 Most Memorable Moments Super Bowl History

One of the biggest leagues in the world – the Super Bowl (SB), is soon to happen at a state-of-the-art SoFi stadium. The NFL championship game is famous worldwide for various reasons, including the greatest moments in super bowl history. Hence, it is more than cheering up and wagering on the Safest Betting Sites for your favorite team.

If you are eagerly waiting for the league of the year, here is a quick update about the much-awaited SB 2022 season.

  • Date: Sunday, 13 February 2022
  • Time: 6:30 pm ET
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Broadcasting Channels: Live on Telemundo, Peacock, NBC website and app

Now, let’s relive the most memorable super bowl moments the world witnessed in the past.

Greatest Moments In Super Bowl History

Every year the NFL players and teams create new memories during the Super Bowl league that fans remember for the years to come. Ask any SB lover or critic, and they will list their own favorite NFL best super bowl moments. Hence, the fun annual championship seasons have myriad records under its name.

Here is a list of some mind-blowing moments experienced by fans in the history of the Super Bowl.

1.   Exhilarating Interception by Malcolm Butler

The newbie cornerback Malcolm Butler turned the losing game into a grand victory for the New England Patriots during the 2015 title game. In the last 20 seconds, he sealed a 28-24 by intercepting Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson at the goal line.

2.   Epic One Yard Shot

After a highly defensive first half, St. Louis Rams linebacker Mike Jones tackled Kevin Dyson to a nine-yard line gain. As a result, the team pulled off its first Super Bowl victory.

3.   A Catch to Remember

Nobody will ever forget wide receiver Isaac Bruce’s 73-yard catch and run from Kurt Warner. Ultimately, St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl XXXIV league against the Tennessee Titans by 23-16. No doubt, it is among the best super bowl catches ever.

4. Gravity-defying Helmet Catch

Known as the greatest catch in super bowl history, David Tyree’s touchdown is the rarest of all. Tyree caught the ball on the other end of the 32-yard by pressing it against the helmet. Well, the ball was just inches away from touching the ground. Four plays later, the miraculous TD and Eli Manning led the Giants to defeat the Patriots by 17-14 during Super Bowl XLII.

5. First OT TD of Super Bowl

Down 28-3, the Patriots got a chance for one final drive against the Giants in the second half. James White sealed the victory for the Patriots through his game-tying touchdown from two yards. Hence, White set his name in the history of the Super Bowl by scoring the first OT TD of the championship league.

6. History Recalls Philly Special

Super Bowl LII between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots was the greatest super bowl of all time. It was a roller coaster ride for sports fanatics with a range of record-setting events. It includes the losing team scoring the most points and highest combined yards gained. However, it was a play call – Philly Special that created the most notable moment of it all during the game.

With 38 seconds remaining in the halftime, Philadelphia head coach Doug Pederson used a trick play with backup quarterback Nick Foles. Tight end Trey Burton tossed the pass to wide-open Foles for a one-yard receiving touchdown. It proved to be a turning point for the entire game. Eventually, Philly became triumphant over the Patriots with an incredible 41-33.

7. King of Pop Performed at Halftime Show

Other than stunning game moments, Super Bowl halftime shows are also popular for giving some unforgettable memories to the fans. One of the best super bowl halftime show moments is signing in the American singer Michael Jackson for the 1991 season.

His performance set the trend for organizers to rope in top artists from the industry to throw a grand event for the audience.

8. Introduction to the Gatorade Bath

The ice-cold Gatorade bath custom came into existence from the Super Bowl 1986 season. After defeating Broncos 39-20, New York Giants showered the Gatorade on coach Bill Parcells. Today, we all know SB victory celebration is incomplete for teams without this sugary tradition.

9. Halftime Show Wardrobe Malfunction

An unprecedented incident written deep down in the memory lane of the audience is singer Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. Accidentally, co-performer Justin Timberlake pulled off a fragile part of Janet Jackson’s dress during a Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime event that became breaking news.

Final Thoughts

From game-winning TD and unbelievable last-second victory to extravagant halftime memories, the football league brings a lot to the table that turns into the most memorable super bowl moments. Like any other year, the curiosity level of the fans is skyrocketing this time as well. If Super Bowl LVI will also set some new records and memories coming Sunday, you’ll surely cherish these nostalgic moments for years to come.


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