A Boy Names Aaron

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va (WTRF) – We are all inspired by the things we experience throughout our lives.  

For one local author, that was writing a short novel to bring awareness to a serious problem many people have gone through and continue to struggle with.  

Child Abuse.  

Tony Torres was inspired by his own life experiences when writing A Boy Named Aaron and says reading the book will change young parents’ perspectives around raising their children. 

“Child abuse by law says it has to be intentional. And a lot of times as parents, we do things unintentional that would constitute child abuse and we’re not really aware of it. But these things little by little add up to a child’s behavior. And then that goes into the community, and we get the issues we have today.” 

Tony Torres | Author, A Boy named Aaron

If you’re interested in reading his short novel, it can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.

Torres also has a blog, Turning Heads, where he writes posts encouraging people to make the world a better place.

https://www.wtrf.com/news/local-author-publishes-short-novel-to-discuss-child-abuse/ A Boy Names Aaron

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