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A Guide to Choose Photography Print Mediums

Nowadays, various photo prints are available for personalized art pieces. Therefore, sometimes you may feel selecting a print medium can be a daunting task. However, the perfect printing medium totally depends on your requirements.

Papers are a traditional printing medium with several options like matte, luster, or glossy. Whereas you can select metal print for modern art or acrylic material if you can spend more.

Also, pick canvas prints for achieving a gorgeous look.  Moreover, they have a nice texture and perfect finish. However, you must first know its pros or cons to avoid the confusion of choosing a print medium.

Below is the guide explaining various printing mediums. Let’s get started.

Paper Print

A Guide to Choose Photography Print Mediums


The most classic medium in the photography world is paper. The paper prints are flexible, easy to create, and refined with personalized custom prints.

Furthermore, paper prints have ink on thin sheets; therefore, they do not cost much and are light in weight. These prints are available in different sizes, starting from 4×6 images to 40×60 photos.

Or, create a lovely print yourself. But, you just need to invest some amount in printers. They come with different qualities. So, it is hard to understand its longevity without proper checking of the materials.

Moreover, these prints are pretty fragile; therefore, add them in frames. In this way, prevent wall art from fingerprints, wear, or scratches. But structures can be costly. That’s why, even if this printing medium is inexpensive, you have to bear framing charges.

Metal Prints

They are famous in the art world. So, create modern art pieces with incredible quality on the metal medium by incorporating ink. These prints are fantastic and add freshness to the interiors.

Though these prints are pretty expensive, they offer high quality, so they last longer. So, people who quickly get bored and often change their décor should opt for some other medium.

The best part of metal prints is they are waterproof and can handle wear or tear. Moreover, they make a picture pop and instantly make an eye-catching art piece. In addition, you do not have to frame them.

You can display metal art directly on the walls of a home. As a result, you will save headaches or a large amount. So, hang these prints to impress viewers with their high quality.

Canvas Prints

A Guide to Choose Photography Print Mediums


Canvas prints look beautiful, elegant, or great in any corner of the home. You can make them by printing an image on the canvas. Then, stretch it on a wooden frame.

Moreover, these prints have a nice texture and offer three-dimensional pictures a distinctive look. While these prints are quite expensive, they do not need framing. So, you will save a good amount.

They are prevalent in the art or photography world. Whenever you visit any fair, you can notice canvas art everywhere. The most remarkable feature is they lack glare; therefore, you can show them off in any location.

Though these prints are not durable like metal art, they are better than paper artwork.

Acrylic Prints

Generally, acrylic art pieces include vibrant colors or add a modern touch. So, they look very eye-catching when you display them on the vertical surface. They usually give two choices:

  • Printing an image directly on acrylic substance (preferably plexiglass).
  • Including paper behind an acrylic sheet.

Both the methods look excellent and provide a shiny art piece. Most people compare this artwork with metal pieces because both offer a vibrant or modern look.

Moreover, they are durable like metal art. So, you can showcase them in areas with humidity or moisture—for example, bathroom, kitchen, balcony. Though they are expensive, they seem worth spending money on when you see the final piece.

Wood Prints

A Guide to Choose Photography Print Mediums


Wooden prints are not preferred much by photographers, but they are artsy. These pieces give images a more rough and textured look, adding the vintage feel. You have different options of wood to create these prints like bamboo, birch, etc.

Moreover, they are durable, and you can display them on walls without frames. Finally, they give a clean, natural, and rustic look to your interiors.


They are not a classic method to display pictures but have gained popularity in the last few years. It is because posters are a cheap and flexible way of printing large images.

But they do not offer high quality like paper, canvas, etc. Moreover, posters are not much durable or impressive as compared to the other choices.

The great thing about posters is they are inexpensive and simple to hang with tape.

Final Words

Are you looking for a traditional printing medium? If yes, then go for paper printing. However, be a bit creative with proper finishing or framing.

Suppose you are not interested in traditional printing mediums; try innovative options like wood, acrylic, or metal prints.


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