A North Toledo water main break is now called a water system failure

It’s now called a water system failure, said city official Ed Moore.

Toledo, Ohio — Galena and Chase water main rest area A street in north Toledo on November 28 is now called a water system failure, according to the city.

Toledo City Public Utilities Director Ed Moore said, “This was an actual T-fitting failure that caused the plug to come off the end and cause a water leak. This was not the actual major breakage. ‘ said. , Said.

Plumbing flooded multiple blocks of the road. Engage Toledo also had reports of his 17 calls regarding a flooded basement and a flooded car.

According to Moore, the plumbing was installed in 1931, about 91 years ago. Now he’s been replaced with a 90-degree elbow fitting, which Moore says is up to date.

“What we expect in the industry is basically 100 years after the water main,” he said. “We couldn’t do that type of fitting or that type of construction today.”

The crew next checked to see if there were any other plumbing nearby that could be a problem.

“We found another similar T-fitting at the intersection of Erie and Galena (streets) and replaced it to block it,” Moore said.

The city plans to finish updating the storm pipe this week and start paving next week. The goal is to reopen blocked sections of Erie and Galena streets, as well as Chase and Galena streets, in the first week of January.

Some of the neighbors have noticed that the cracks in the streets look bigger after the water floods them. Moore said it didn’t matter and that it was important to have a solid foundation under the road.

“You’re looking at the surface pavement,” he said. “I’m not worried about the road currently falling as long as it has a good foundation underneath. The road’s appearance, the final pavement can be an issue and we’ll look at that in the future.” Let’s see if the road needs to be repaved.”

When it comes to how much a water main accident costs the city, it will be calculated after the job is done.

When the incident first happened, city officials said it could have been a 48-inch or 60-inch pipe. They confirmed it was 24″ and 16″ pipe.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/north-toledo-water-main-break-now-called-a-water-system-failure/512-82b9db90-4e99-4e4b-a83c-981f2a068df3 A North Toledo water main break is now called a water system failure

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