A total solar eclipse is forecast for central Ohio on Monday afternoon.

Columbus and Central Ohio Weather

There are only 3 days left until the total solar eclipse. We track model cloud forecasts every day. path of wholeness, which stretches from Texas to Maine and covers 13 states, including northwestern Ohio. The rest of the state will continue to see a partial solar eclipse.

Image: National Weather Service/Wilmington

Early indications are that a frontal system is positioned to stretch from Texas into the upper Midwest, creating a focal point for widespread clouds and scattered rain moving through the Ohio Valley early Monday morning, leaving behind a blanket of low-level clouds.

The key to optimal viewing will be a partly sunny afternoon Monday, April 8, as dry air moves in from the west. The model's probability map, which is just a snapshot at the moment and will be refined over the weekend, suggests that some areas will see some sunshine, although the clouds will be slow to break.

The chance of showers will decrease and there will be some localized rain early in the day. The challenge is whether the clouds will clear enough.

Historically, during two-thirds of years during El Niño conditions, Columbus has been mostly cloudy in early April from about 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Based on the El Niño phenomenon, warmer-than-normal water spreads across the central and eastern Pacific Ocean at this time of year. NOAA analysis Data from 1979 to 2022.

This is consistent with a spring pattern in which a more active subtropical jet stream pumps moisture northward, blocking frontal systems and associated storms.

Storm Team 4 continues to update you with the most accurate forecast for April 8th.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/central-ohio-forecast-for-total-solar-eclipse-monday-afternoon/ A total solar eclipse is forecast for central Ohio on Monday afternoon.

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