Abandoned crime vehicle entangled in overgrown trees and weeds

Cleveland (WJW) — Fox 8 I Team Found overgrown trees and heavy bushes crawling all over the vehicle involved in the serious crime. It was found on the Cleveland Police premises.

So, Team I I wondered how it came to be and what it means for justice.

of Team I An investigation was conducted after sending SkyFOX HD and Drone FOX over the Bradley Road detention center. I could see many cars and trucks under the trees and weeds.

But again, we didn’t fly over the junkyard. Instead, every car and truck out there has been associated with murder, sexual assault, robbery, fatal crashes, or those sorts of incidents.

So we went to civil rights attorney Subodh Chandra.of Team I I asked what concerns this situation would cause the public.

“If the vehicle in the possession of the city is material evidence, the failure of the city to properly manage that evidence could potentially be very serious,” Chandra said.

In the on-site garage, investigators collect evidence from the vehicle. But those vehicles could be left there until the case is resolved or heard in court.

“If the city is responsible for preserving evidence, the city should preserve that evidence in an appropriate manner,” Chandra added.

Mr. Chandra went on to say that even if the police gathered evidence, defense attorneys might later want to gather their own evidence from those vehicles. Also, tangling in trees and weeds can contaminate the evidence.

In 2021, police arrested a man for breaking into a car on the property. He came in through a hole in the fence. And even now, the trees are overgrown and there are almost no signs prohibiting entry.

Police officers also told us that it was not uncommon to find animals living in cars on the property. I contacted the mayor’s office and was told that the city was taking steps to clean up and repair the land.

“The City of Cleveland Police Department is aware of the difficult situation that exists at Camp 2 and is currently working with city departments to address these issues,” a spokesperson said in an email. Additionally, the Department of Police is working with the Cuyahoga County Attorney’s Office to address the number of vehicles in the parking lot and the length of time the vehicles have been in storage.Finally, the city has implemented an online vehicle auction protocol. We are exploring opportunities to move to an online option that could significantly reduce the number of vehicles maintained in the city’s vehicle depot (overcrowded).”

According to the city, work planned for the garage and grounds includes:

  • Repairing sagging roofs and gutters
  • Replacement of perimeter fence
  • Trim vegetation around property and entrance from Bradley Road
  • Heating system/duct system repair
  • Sabo

We shared a video with City Council Public Safety Commissioner Michael Polensek. he said: “This is basic. We have to get back to basics. That’s my message to the administration.”

And police union president Jeff Vollmer said: “If it’s that bad now, someone better do it because it could dictate the case.”

The city gave no timeline for the improvements. However, I team will check it again.

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