Abortion-funding nonprofit challenges Jupmode

Aggie Fund says it was told by custom screen printer Jūpmode to “tone down” the proposed design for the Here for Good fundraiser.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A Toledo nonprofit that funds low-income women’s abortion services has been outraged after its T-shirt design for a fundraiser for a local screen print shop was turned down. increase.

of here for good The campaign is an annual fundraiser/promotion run by Jūpmode where when a customer purchases a custom-designed t-shirt for the company from Jūpmode, $10 is donated to a local small business.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Aggie Foundation Revealed the shirt design they submitted for the fundraiser: a play on the famous “You’ll do better in Toledo” sign, but with the text “You will” funded abortion in Toledo’.

The company says it was told by Jūpmode that the design would not be allowed unless it was “toned down.”

Aggie Fund’s Kristin Hady told WTOL 11 on Saturday that the nonprofit has participated in Here for Good’s fundraising efforts in the past and has never stopped advancing its mission.

“This is especially frustrating about being told to literally tone down. It tells us to minimize ourselves,” Hady said. It’s a matter of letting go, and it’s something we don’t want to compromise on.”

Jūpmode responded to Aggie Fund’s Facebook post on his Facebook page on Thursday, writing:

“The Agnes Reynolds Foundation has been part of the Here For Good campaign for several years and has been a welcome partner again this year. The goal of the Here for Good campaign is to support the community, and we have great respect for the work of the Agnes Reynolds Fund.We will not be making any further public comments.”

It is unclear exactly what Jūpmode felt uncomfortable with the design.

The Aggie Foundation T-shirt design for last year’s Here for Good fundraiser read “I FUND ABORTIONS” along with the organization’s logo and used similar language.

We proudly support access to abortion. Here For Good by @jupmode edited to add link: https://www.jupmodesupply.com/collections/here-for-good-2022/products/agnes-reynolds-jackson-fund-here-for-good

Contributor Aggie Foundation upon Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Aggie Foundation is named after Agnes Reynolds Jackson, one of the founders of Toledo’s Fair Housing Center in 1975.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/pro-choice-organization-takes-odds-with-local-screen-printer-over-t-shirt-design/512-f9eb2fd4-68b9-405d-b73b-1418f8cfe92f Abortion-funding nonprofit challenges Jupmode

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