Abortion sign targeting Catholics draws complaints in Ohio

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – (WKBN) – Signs at one polling location are drawing controversy.

The signs about Ohio Issue 1 appeared at St. Michael Parish Family Center in Canfield. It targets voters and the abortion issue.

The sign says 68% of Catholics are pro-choice. It also states the sign is paid for by the Mahoning County Democratic Party.

Father John-Michael Lavelle said the Family Life Center has served as a polling place for several years, and that the board of election allows political parties to put up signs on election day, but says that signs targeting the Catholic population “is a bridge too far.”

“The placement of signs by a political party that specifically target the Catholic population is quite frankly a bridge too far, especially because the Church is always non-partisan, even when we take a position on issues like Issue One. In all honesty, we would need to reflect on our ability to continue as a polling place in the future given the current requirements.  We desire to be collaborative community members but also seek respect of our Catholic values,” Lavelle wrote in a prepared release.

Bishop David Bonnar echoed Lavelle’s thoughts.

“Obviously, some of the signs that have been placed at polling sites do not represent the Catholic Church in Ohio’s position on Issue One. It is well-known that the Catholic Church in Ohio has taken a strong position against Issue One, and consistently promotes the sanctity of life.,” Bonnar wrote.

https://www.wtrf.com/ohio/abortion-sign-targeting-catholics-draws-complaints-in-ohio/ Abortion sign targeting Catholics draws complaints in Ohio

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