Amazon worker raises concern after two separate incidents involving guns at work

Police responded to a second incident involving a firearm at the Amazon facility in West Jefferson on Wednesday morning.

According to a police report, a contracted employee at the Amazon CMH4 building was “clearing the yard” and knocked on the side of a semi-truck to wake up the driver. The driver, who had delivered a load to the facility late the previous night, was sleeping and woke up to what he described as “loud bangs.”

An altercation ensued between the two men, during which the truck driver allegedly attempted to strike the worker but missed. The worker then returned to his personal vehicle, retrieved a handgun, and approached the semi-truck.

Upon reviewing surveillance footage, West Jefferson police determined that the worker did not brandish the firearm, and the truck driver assumed a defensive stance before driving away.

The truck driver was charged with disorderly conduct, while the worker who retrieved the gun was not charged.

This incident follows another at the same facility on Sunday when a contracted employee fired a gun at another “security” worker inside the building. The shot missed, and the suspect fled the facility before being apprehended and fatally shot by Columbus Police later that day.

Erin Stapleton, an employee at the facility, expressed concerns about safety measures following the incidents. She highlighted a lack of communication and transparency from management regarding the incidents and safety protocols.

Stapleton shared concerns over the purpose of the facility’s security team, noting discrepancies in their role as perceived by employees versus their actual function.

NBC4 contacted Amazon’s Public Relations team, who reiterated that firearms are prohibited on their premises and emphasized their comprehensive approach to preventing workplace violence through various security measures.

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